How To Make a Chocolate Freakshake

Call yourself a sweet tooth? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Find out how to make a chocolate freakshake – AKA a milkshake mash-up topped with *all* the treats – with this quick and easy recipe from food editor Sally Abé.


This chocolate freakshake recipe is the ultimate indulgence – rich chocolate milkshake, billowing clouds of whipped cream, chocolate ganache, a toasted marshmallow and a cube of brownie to top it all off!


300g of chocolate ice cream
250ml of milk
60g of dark chocolate
200ml of double cream
1 brownie cube
1 marshmallow
2 chocolate wafers


1. Melt 50g of the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water, remove from the heat and whisk in 100ml of the double cream to make a smooth, glossy ganache. Transfer to a squeezy bottle or piping bag.
2. Whip the remaining double cream and transfer to a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle.
3. Blend the chocolate ice cream with the milk.
4. Using the grill, toast the marshmallow until golden.
5. Line the inside and outside of a glass with lines of the chocolate ganache. Pour in the milkshake then add a large scoop of ice cream.
6. Pipe the whipped cream around the top of the glass.
7. Thread the marshmallow and chocolate brownie onto a wooden skewer and rest on top of the cream.
8. Add the chocolate wafers, drizzle over some more chocolate ganache and grate over some dark chocolate.
9. Finish with a couple of straws and serve straight away.

This Chocolate Freakshake Recipe by Sally Abé first appeared on Great British Chefs. Visit for more chocolate recipes.