Top 10 Festive Movie Moments

Let’s face it – at Christmas, there’s nothing better than snuggling on the sofa in our cosiest PJs, cracking open the selection boxes and binge-watching our favourite festive flicks. To get you in the holiday spirit, we’ve rounded up our top ten festive movie moments to make you laugh, cry and cringe your actual face off.

1. The bright green octopus in Love Actually


Credit: Cosmopolitan

The first time we witnessed the Prime Minister and Natalie, his ex-PA, admitting that they might actually quite fancy each other on their way to the nativity play, we ended up cry-laughing into our popcorn. Not least because we can’t imagine having THAT talk with our younger sibling, clad in a bright green paper mâché octopus costume (“eight is a lot of legs, David”), wedged in between us. Mega LOLs.


2. The Jingle Bell Rock in Mean Girls


Credit: The Edge

The dance that inspired a thousand copy-cat routines (usually at a Christmas party with our boss), the Plastics’ Jingle Bell Rock might just be the best festive moment in a teen flick, like, ever. The whole thing was made even better when Gretchen kicked the CD player off the stage (seriously though, why was the CD player even on the stage? Does this school not have a proper sound system?) and Cady rescued the performance with an impromptu festive singalong. You go, Glen Coco.


3. Buddy eating spaghetti in Elf


Credit: Naturally Ashley

There are so many reasons why we love Buddy the elf. For one thing, he’s obsessed with Christmas almost as much as we are, and shares our belief that Santa definitely shouldn’t smell like beef and cheese. But above all, we love that he eats spaghetti for breakfast mixed with all the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup. Beats that sad banana we get with our morning coffee any day.


4. The exceptionally great tent in The Holiday


Credit: Dfiles

We got all the warm and fuzzy feels when Amanda, Graham and his two daughters crawled into the makeshift tent of dreams in the girls’ bedroom. All that lovely flowing material! Those cut-out stars! The secret hand-grazing! Quit the Mr Napkin Head act and pass us the tissues, we’re getting all emosh up in here.


5. Kevin singing in the bathroom in Home Alone


Credit: Time Out

Despite the fact that the McCallisters flew off to Paris and left an eight-year-old kid at home, we seriously envied Kevin. No parents = jumping on the bed, going through your big brother Buzz’s stuff and of course, singing along to White Christmas while slathering on your dad’s aftershave (OK, so maybe not his brightest idea). It was a total dream come true – even if those pesky Wet Bandits did spoil some of the fun.


6. Mark Darcy’s Christmas jumper in Bridget Jones’ Diary


Credit: Swoonworthy

Back at the start of the millennium, Christmas jumpers weren’t really a *thing*. That’s why we cringed so hard when Mark Darcy rocked a festive reindeer knit at the turkey curry buffet at the Jones’ household on New Year’s Day. Little did we know then that Mark was, in fact, way ahead of his time. A trailblazer, if you must. Can’t say the same about Bridge’s, erm, carpet now, can we?


7. Signing with Santa in Miracle on 34th Street


Credit: YouTube

When little Susan first met Santa Claus at Cole’s Department Store, she wasn’t entirely convinced that he was the real deal. But after seeing him talking to another little girl through sign language, we had a sneaky feeling that Suze was having second thoughts about the whole Santa-isn’t-real thing. Heart-warming stuff.


8. The awkward family dinner in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


Credit: Fanpop

If you thought family get-togethers at your house were awkward, then think again. Between bickering grandparents, moody teenagers and that weird guy who randomly rocked up with his whole family in tow, Christmas at the Griswalds’ house was anything but smooth. Throw in a feral squirrel and you’ve got yourself full-on festive chaos.


9. The outfit meltdown in How The Grinch Stole Christmas


Credit: Pinterest

Even though his festive schedule was mostly taken up by wallowing in self-pity, The Grinch decided to go to the Who-bilation anyway – but not before he had a complete meltdown over his outfit. After trying on his ‘kilt’, throwing the entire contents of his wardrobe on the floor, and declaring that, “If I can’t find something nice to wear, I’m not going!’, he settled for a playsuit that he nicked off a yodeller. As you do.


10. The sleigh ride in The Santa Clause


Credit: Oh My Disney

The best way to convince your kid that Santa is real? Easy. Just knock him off the roof, wear his suit and finish off his shift on Christmas Eve. One white beard and a beer belly later, you’ve turned into the man himself. Now all you have to do is take afore mentioned kid on a sleigh ride around town in the snow – magic!

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