Healthy Lingo Cheat Sheet

Don’t know your zoats from your raw cocoa? Don’t sweat it. For the second part of our blog series, we’ve asked Jess Moses from Freshly Snapped to help us decode healthy eating lingo with an exclusive cheat sheet.

There are new healthy phrases and hippie food combos coming up everyday, flooding our Instagram news feeds, and it can be quite a mission to keep up. So here’s a list of all the phrases you’ll need to keep you in the know!

Acai Bowl

Pronounced ah-sah-EE – acai is a berry grown in Central and South America, and has made its way over to the West after much demand. This berry is packed with antioxidants and typically comes in a frozen pack and is blended with frozen banana, a dash of coconut water or mylk, and topped with anything and everything! Eaten cold, usually by Aussies, post-surf at their local beach (what a life!)


When things have been activated, they have usually been soaked overnight to “activate” their nutritional properties. For example, soaking grains, nuts and seeds activates them as the outer shell has been broken down and is therefore much easier to digest and absorb the nutrients.

Buddha Bowl

A hearty bowl with a variety of plant-based ingredients. These are often colourful, bursting with a variety and textures. Think sweet potato wedges, smashed avocado, spiralized courgette, hummus and roasted veggies.


Chia Pudding

Although you might be put off by the frogspawn consistency, chia pudding is jam packed with healthy fats, protein and omega 3. It’s a simple combination of raw chia seeds with mylk, left overnight to expand into a creamy pudding. Eaten cold, served best with crunchy granola, fresh berries and smooth nut butter!


Energy Ball

These are typically just a mixture of dates, nuts and superfood powders, rolled into balls for a delicious sweet snack or afternoon pick-me-up, proven to enhance energy levels,



Matcha is a super potent form of green tea. It comes in a green powder and can be enjoyed with hot water or mylk. It does contain caffeine but is bursting with antioxidants!



Mylk is a dairy-free alternative to milk. From coconut mylk to brown rice, almond, cashew, oat and hemp mylk… the list is endless!


Nice Cream

Blended frozen bananas which turns into a super thick, cold and creamy “ice cream” consistency. See, life can still be delicious without dairy and sugar!


Oil Pulling

Using coconut oil first thing in the morning, swishing it around in your mouth for about 20 minutes is typically proven to help whiten teeth and also remove toxins from the mouth, (but make sure you spit it out in the bin, not the sink, as coconut oil solidifies in cold temperatures and can clog your drains!)


Raw Cacao

Although there’s just a one letter difference from cocoa, raw cacao is the unrefined version of cocoa. Cacao then gets heated to form cocoa, however it loses a lot of its natural goodness through this process. So the cacao in its raw form has a super rich chocolaty flavour…. and still contains all the good stuff!


Smoothie Bowl

A smoothie bowl is simply just a thick smoothie eaten with a spoon from a bowl, so it becomes more of a meal rather than a quick drink. It typically comes with lots of toppings such as fresh fruit, seeds and nut butter for added yumminess.



Sweet Potato Toast

Revolutionising sliced bread, these slices of sweet potato are roasted in the oven, used as the base of your “toast” and topped with delicious toppings like smashed avocado, peanut butter or hummus.


Turmeric latte / Golden Mylk

Turmeric is the hot new super-food on the market. Although it’s been used in Indian and Ayervedic cooking for years, it’s now getting all the attention for its anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory properties. Golden mylk is simply just hot milk mixed with turmeric powder and frothed to perfection. It’s often added with a dash of cinnamon for sweetness, plus some coconut as fat helps to absorb the nutrients and black pepper to help activate all its goodness.



These are zucchini oats! I know I know, this sounds gross but it’s literally just grated zucchini/courgette stirred into your porridge. It makes your porridge thicker, creamier and I promise you can’t taste the greens!


Hope this cheat sheet helps a little and keeps you up on your healthy lingo game! You can contact me via my Instagram page – @freshlysnapped.

Jess x