7 Stages of #ResolutionFails

Broken your new year’s resolutions already? Don’t sweat it – we’re so with you. From smashing it to making excuses (oops), we take a look at the seven stages of making and breaking those #newyearnewme goals.

1. Making your resolutions

BridgetJonesCredit: The Huffington Post

“2017 is going to be my year,” you declared, peeling off your fake eyelashes from the previous night’s NYE celebrations. You even set yourself a list of resolutions to start working on the very next day (because everyone knows that 1st January doesn’t count). These included: Joining the gym! Drinking more green stuff! Taking up a new hobby! Saving up to travel! Being more assertive! Well… only if that’s OK with you guys, though?

2. Buying all new stuff to motivate you

ConfessionsCredit: The Fashion Screen

Fuelled by your New Year’s Day enthusiasm, you bought all new stuff to motivate yourself. We’re talking swish workout trainers, bikinis for your summer hols, and shiny new stationery to make you feel like you’ve really got your life together.

3. Nailing everything on your list *Fist pump*

Emma Stone 2Credit: Bustle

For a good two weeks, things were going great. You were smashing the gym almost every day (even though you couldn’t feel your legs after each spin class), hadn’t brought any new clothes for FIVE DAYS and had even Googled cake-decorating classes in your local area – a girl’s got to start somewhere if she wants to win GBBO this year, right?

4. Having, erm, a minor setback…

Beyonce2Credit: Pinterest

OK, so maybe you ended up binge-watching the entire series of The OA on Netflix instead of starting one of those new books waiting on your bedside table.  Or maybe you went out for drinks with your BFFs instead of hitting up that hot yoga class. Whatevz, it’s no big deal. You’ll get back on it tomorrow. Honest.

5. Looking to Instagram for emergency inspo

PLLCredit: Teen Vogue

“Right, I can do this,” you told yourself, scrolling through your Instagram feed. “Just look at all these people smashing their #goals – so many inspirational quotes! So many flat-lays! If they can stick to their resolutions, then so can I!”

6. Giving into temptation (again)

Credit: Studio Fitzroy

Although, since you had a taste of the sweet stuff (giving up caffeine + that new coffee shop down the road = disaster), it was hard to well, you know, leave it alone. Before you knew it, you had seven lattes in two days and got the sneaky feeling that there would be no going back now…

7. Falling off the wagon completely

Credit: YouTube

Oh well. It’s practically February now anyway.