#BaeGoals with the Collyer Twins

Valentine’s Day is out, Galentine’s Day is in. To celebrate our love for BFFs, we spent the day hanging out with style bloggers, DJs and ultimate #baegoals Jordan and Loanne – otherwise known as Collyer Twins – to get the low-down on sisterhood, style and their dream celebrity squad.

What did you chose to gift to each other and why?

Loanne: I gave Jordan some cute little rings – we love jewellery stacking and you can never get enough little rings! I also gifted her a notepad with a ‘J’ on it. We are always brainstorming ideas, and what better gift than a brand new notepad to write everything down on!

Jordan: I gave Loanne some dainty silver rings too, as we both love layering jewellery. She also got a black clutch bag; it’s a staple piece that I know she would use as we’re always out and about at events. Plus, black is our favourite colour.


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Describe each other in three words…

Jordan: Loanne is fun, outgoing and hilarious.
Loanne: Jordan is ambitious, fun, adventurous.

What was your favorite way to spend time together as kids?

Making up dance routines and putting on shows for everyone.

How would you describe each other’s style? Do you have similar fashion tastes or are you quite different?

Jordan: I’d say similar but also different in some ways. Loanne is more high street –  she likes an oversized, cosy jumper with jeans and boots. I’m most comfortable in culottes and mustard additions!

What do you love most about each other?

Jordan: I love Loanne’s laid-back nature and enthusiasm for life.
Her ambition and spontaneity.


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What is your favorite memory together?

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Brazil on Copacabana Beach amongst two million people, underneath a breath-taking fireworks display.

What’s the secret to a having a great friendship?

Being on the same page and having fun but also being able to empathise and understand each other’s differences.

What is one thing that annoys you about each other? Be honest!

Jordan: Scattiness!

Who would you describe as BFF goals/squad goals?

Both: US!


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Describe your perfect holiday together – what would you do? Where would you go?

We’re water babies as we grew up by the beach so somewhere hot and exotic, probably Bora Bora, in a water villa, spending the day on a private island, snorkeling, chilling on a boat and sipping on margaritas!

If you were having a party, which celebs would make it onto your guestlist?

Pharrell Williams, Rihanna, Ryan Gosling and Leonardo DiCaprio.

What inspired you to start your blog together?

We’ve always enjoyed entertaining and doing it together. We’re big travel junkies and love fashion so wanted a platform to document it all.

What does it feel like to spend all your time together?

We’re used to it! We’ve always been together apart from when we were separated at university. We have regular bickers and arguments but they are forgotten in a few minutes, and we never hold grudges. However, we do make sure that we always make time for ourselves too.

What’s the best thing about being a twin?

You always have someone to share everything with. You never feel lonely and it makes everything double as fun.



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