The Best Pancake Day Inspo from Instagram

The best thing about February? Pancake Day, obvs. But forget about the usual lemon-and-sugar combo – this year, we’re taking our pancakes up a notch. From rainbow stacks and unicorns (seriously) to all chocolate everything, here’s our round-up of the best pancake art inspo from Instagram.

1. Rainbow Pancakes


Fact: we’re never going to not love rainbow-coloured food and that goes for pancakes too. Just split your batter into six bowls, dye it with food colouring and get flipping. Stack ‘em top of each other with top with whipped cream or frosting and a small handful of Lucky Charms. Per-fect.

2. Funfetti Pancakes


Even though we’re (sorta) grown-ups now, there’s something about funfetti which makes us feel like we’re six years old again – and we secretly kind of love it. Play like a big kid and decorate your stack with whipped cream, a drizzle of honey or maple syrup and – the pièce de résistance – a huge helping of rainbow-coloured sprinkles.

3. All-Chocolate-Everything Pancakes


Calling all chocolholics – there *is* a way to get your sweet fix and make it look Insta-worthy too. Just whip up some fluffy, American-style pancakes and top with scoops of ice cream, broken Oreos, Malteasers, Ferrero Rocher and dollops of Nutella – anything goes.

4. Teddy Bear Pancakes


If you fancy yourself as a bit of a star pancake-maker (Mary and Paul, you haven’t seen anything yet), then these cute creations are right up your street. Make separate, small blobs of pancakes and for the ears, use whipped cream or frosting for the nose and last but not least, a small dollop of chocolate syrup for the eyes. Cute!

5. Popcorn Pancakes


Movie nights just got even better. Make a stack of American-style pancakes and pile it high with your favourite flavour of popcorn and a drizzle of something sweet – we’re talking caramel, chocolate fudge or maple syrup. Errr, yes please.

6. Freakshake Pancakes


It’s big, it’s bold and it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted: enter the freakshake pancake! To create this monstrous concoction at home, follow our chocolate freakshake recipe right here, and swap the toppings for a stack of pancakes with a dollop of ice cream, chocolate syrup and – just because it’s almost Easter – a couple of cheeky Crème Eggs too.

7. Unicorn Pancakes


Unicorns don’t do things by halves – and that includes Pancake Day. Bring a little magic to your Insta feed with a stack of ombre-pink pancakes (food colouring is your best friend here), decorated with an iced unicorn horn, ears and fluttery eyelashes. Add the finishing touches with clouds of soft, whipped cream, fresh berries and – if you’re feeling extra-fancy – edible flowers. Swoon!

8. Berry Pancakes


Don’t trust your cooking skills or just want to keep it simple? We hear you. Proving that less can be more, this simple stack is topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries – just add a small sprinkling of icing sugar or honey for a little extra sweetness.