Top 9 On-Screen BFFs

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes, and we don’t know where we’d be without them. To celebrate the power of the BFF, we’ve rounded up our favourite on-screen friendships that redefine #baegoals.

1. Cher and Dionne

CluelessCredit: Paramount Pictures via Funny Women

When it comes to iconic female friendships, Cher and Dionne are right at the very top of our list. Thanks to their mutual appreciation of plaid suits, match-making and makeovers, this fashionable twosome taught us that the only way to navigate through high school is with your best friend by your side.

2. Blair and Serena

Gossip GirlCredit: Warner Bros. Television via Gossip Girl Wiki

Life on the Upper East Side was certainly not for the faint-hearted. Between boyfriend dramas, family scandals and those creepy, never-ending texts from Gossip Girl, Blair and Serena went through it all – and they still made it out as besties. And even though the show ended in 2012 (sob!), we like to think that B and S are still out there somewhere, talking selfies and drinking take-out coffees on the steps to the Met.

3. Monica, Rachel and Phoebe

Credit: Warner Bros. Television via Cosmopolitan

Proving that three is the magic number, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe have always reigned supreme as the ultimate #squadgoals. They were, quite literally, there for each other through everything (babies, bad jobs and even badder boyfriends, to name a few) and showed us that when it comes to rock-solid friendships, opposites definitely do attract.

4. Sabrina and Salem

SabrinaCredit: Viacom Productions via Cosmopolitan

Sabrina really had it all. She was a witch, cast magic spells and had a talking cat for a best friend – even if he was a 500-year-old wizard trapped in a feline’s body for attempting to take over the world. But what we loved most about this pair was how much they made us laugh – not to mention Salem’s brilliantly sarcastic one-liners.

5. Marissa and Summer

The OCCredit: Warner Bros. Television via Pinterest

Ah, Marissa and Summer. As well as providing us with plenty of golden noughties’ fashion moments (baker boy caps! Knitted shrugs! Hipster bootcut jeans!), these two showed us what true friendship really looked like during their time on The O.C. They laughed together, cried together and always had each other’s backs – plus who could forget their cute pet names? Coop and Sum, we heart you.

6. Janis and Damien

Mean GirlsCredit: Paramount Pictures

The greatest people you will ever meet? Janis and Damien, obvs. When they weren’t hatching a plan to show up the Plastics with new girl Cady, this dynamic duo proved to us that there’s nothing wrong with standing out from the crowd – matching purple tuxedos and all. You go, Glen Coco!

7. Buffy and Willow

BuffyCredit: 20th Century Fox Television via Buffyverse Wiki

As well as seeing each other through the usual teenage dramz, Buffy and Willow also had to contend against another force: evil vampires. Slightly awkward, right? And although this resulted in a few sticky scenarios to say the least, the girls always came out on top – because sisterhood always kicks butt.

8. Annie and Lillian

Bridesmaids 2Credit: Universal Pictures via Bustle

Despite the fact that Annie and Lillian had their fair share of fall-outs in Bridesmaids (which included Annie smashing a giant cookie in bridal shower-related rage), this hilarious duo are still one of our favourite on-screen pairings. From new friendship envy to dodgy Mexican food, they showed us that no matter what life throws at us, there’s no one we’d rather hold on for one more day with than our best friend *breaks out the dance moves*.

9. Jess and Cece

New GirlCredit: FOX via Tumblr

When they aren’t giving us major fringe envy (seriously, how is their hair so shiny?), New Girl’s Jess and Cece prove themselves to be major friendship goals. They’ve known each other since, like, forever, tell each other everything (and we mean everything), and are experts at solving each other’s weekly quarter-life crises – especially when it comes to relationships. Can we join their gang, please?

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