8 Things That Happen To Every Student on Exam Leave

Got exams coming up? Between procrastinating, having hourly meltdowns and actually doing some revision (*nervous laughter*), here are eight things that happen to every student on exam leave.

1. Convincing yourself that you’ve got LOADS of time.

Five whole weeks? Pssh, that’s plenty of time. Might as well have a lie-in, a morning gym sesh and even a cheeky ‘lil bubble bath to get you in “the right frame of mind” for revising. You get as far as opening one of your books before deciding that you need to take a well-earned break. Well, that new episode of Riverdale on Netflix isn’t going to watch itself now, is it?

2. Panicking when you realise everyone else has started revising – except you.

This is similar to the intense rush of panic felt when everyone is discussing their answers after an exam and you realise you answered question B with Antarctica when everyone else got 56. Great. Brilliant. Fantastic.

3. Making an emergency revision timetable.

OK, time to get your act together. This involves cracking out all that swish new stationery and fancy planner that’s still sat in the shopping bag in the corner of your bedroom (oops) and devise the dreaded revision timetable. Six hours of studying a day with regular half-hour breaks, just like your teachers have suggested. That’s totally achievable, right?

4. Freaking out about how much you have to do and taking a nap.

Actual photo of you in bed doing the bare minimum.

5. Forcing yourself to revise for a whole entire hour.

“That’s two 30 minute halves. Just got to get through 15 minutes four times,” you tell yourself as you periodically check the time on your phone. (Definitely not to see if anyone in the group chat has replied to your Whatsapp yet. Absolutely not).

6. Not understanding any of your revision notes.

That’ll teach you for scribbling down random bullet points instead of writing stuff out properly. Or not.

7. Getting distracted by EVERYTHING.

Because being knee-deep in history revision is obviously the perfect time to eat all the snacks/pluck your eyebrows/tidy your bedroom and spend the next three hours staring nostalgically at the contents of your “memory box” from primary school. Obviously.

8. Trying to strike the right balance of revising, socialising, eating well and getting enough sleep.

Literally the Elle Woods you are right now vs. the Elle Woods that you’re trying to be. You’ll make it, babes.