How To Tie Your Hijab with Bash Harry

Dressing up for Eid or just wanna glam up your everyday vibe? No sweat – blogger Bash Harry has got your back. From easy wraps to turban knots, find out how to tie your hijab with this quick and easy guide.

Gold Glam

Jacquard Border Scarf, £25

The Easy Wrap: Pin the headscarf underneath your chin, with one section reaching your stomach and the other falling down to your knee. Take the longer section and wrap it under and over your head before pinning in place. Make sure both sections are the same length. Adjust the scarf around the chest area until you’re happy with the coverage.

The Draped Turban: Pin the scarf at the back, making sure both sections are of equal length. Take one section and drape it over your head, following it round to the other side. Adjust the scarf until it looks neat at the back.


Sparkle Up

Sparkle Metallic Scarf, £18

The Party Wrap: Pin the headscarf in place at the back. Take one section and carefully wrap it under your neck and over your head. Pin in place. Let the other section fall over your shoulder. This look is perfect for showing off earrings while still providing coverage.

The Draping Tied Turban: Tie the scarf underneath your bun. Then, take the shorter section and wrap it over the hair. Tie into a knot. Let the longer section fall over your shoulder.


Pearl Power

Pretty Pearl Scarf, £2o

The Open Scarf: Pin the scarf at your temples. Take one section and wrap it around your chest and pin to your top. Repeat with the other section for perfect chest coverage. This look is great if you have a necklace or choker that you want to highlight!

The Basic Scarf: Fold the scarf in half and pin it underneath your chin. Wrap both sections around your chest, then tuck and pinned where needed.


Ombré Vibes

Silk Ombre Scarf, £35

The Modern Turban: Fold the scarf in half and tie it at the back, underneath your bun. Next, simply wrap both loose sections around the bun and tuck in the ends. Pin in place – so quick and simple!

The Flowing Scarf: Pin the headscarf underneath your chin, with one section hanging longer than the other. Take the short end and pin it underneath your top. Wrap the longer section over your head and let it fall over your shoulder – or fly when the wind blows!

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