3 Backpack Trends To Obsess Over

Been there, done that, got the backpack? Hold it right there. From mega metallics to ‘90s numbers (as if!), expand your ever-growing bag haul with the three backpack trends that you never knew you needed until now. Warning: your obsession’s about to go supersonic.

1. Space-Age Metallics

Tilly Backpack, £32 | Cosmic Dreams Metallic Backpack, £35

Backpacks get futuristic with supernova silvers and iridescent effects, adding a whole new dimension to the metallic textures that we’ve been vibing over ever since forever. Sports-luxe shapes continue to make their comeback clear, while clean, minimal designs are the ones that you want for easy outfit glo-ups.

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2. ‘90s Vibes

Kenickie Glitter Mini Quilted Backpack, £25 | Velvet Ellis Backpack, £35Mini Felix Faux Fur Backpack, £32

Wanna achieve your lifelong goal of dressing like Cher from Clueless? Start with the backpack. Whether you’re into glitter, velvet or everything faux fur, these ‘90s-inspired stars are here to make all of your teen movie dreams come true. Look out for domed designs and mini-yet-mighty shapes that were made for rollin’ with your homies.

3. All Stars

Sporty Stars Metallic Weekender, £45 |Stars Metallic Mini Backpack, £32

The stars are out in full force for next season’s fashion forecast, with everything from cosmic constellations to military deets making an appearance. Curved constructions are the way to go, with star-shaped embroideries, out-there embellishments and punchy patches taking backpacks to new levels of Insta-worthy.

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