Introducing Sterling Silver with Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals + sterling silver = the juiciest jewellery drop of SS17. From the swishest necklaces and bracelets to earrings with all the glam, get to know the new and exclusive collection that you’ll be wearing from now till forever. Time to luxe up your life.

Pick Your Crystals

Green Sterling Silver Swarovski Stacking Ring, £14 each | Pink Sterling Silver Swarovski Necklace, £16 | Sterling Silver Swarovski Heart Bracelet, £14 | Sterling Silver Swarovski 3 x Mini Stud Earrings, £14

Swarovski crystals have been amping up the sparkle for over 100 years (we know, right?), with rich jewel tones and poppin’ pastels thrown into the mix. Wanna get the glow? Take your pick from the dreamiest coloured crystals from the new collection, including Black Diamond, Violet, Vintage Rose, Indian Sapphire, Light Amethyst and Amethyst, White Opal, Rose Water Opal and Pacific Opal. If your style vibe is a little more low-key, say hey to Swarovski crystals coated with an Aurore Borealis effect (a fave of Mr Swarovski, FYI) that shimmer and shines as it hits the light. So right for your next Boomerang.

Pile it On…

Green Sterling Silver Swarovski Necklace, £16 | Pink Sterling Silver Swarovski Stacking Ring, £14 | Green Sterling Silver Stacking Ring, £14 | Grey Sterling Silver Swarovski Stacking Ring, £14 | Sterling Silver Swarovski Stud Earrings, £10 |  Sterling Silver Swarovski Heart Bracelet, £14

Wanna go XXL on sparkle? Thanks to their minimal, clean styling, these sterling silver jewels were made to be mixed and matched for serious impact. Let your hands do the talking with stacking rings, and style it up with multiple studs to toughen up your look.

…Or Pare it Back

Sterling Silver Swarovski Necklace in Pastel, Pink, Grey and Green, £16 each

If you’re a less-is-more kinda girl (we hear you), then a solo-styled Swarovski piece your ultimate jewellery go-to. Give that #OOTD something extra with a dainty ‘lil necklace, or bring a bit of glitz to your party get-up with a barely-there bracelet or crystal stud earrings.

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