Love Island 2017: Top 8 Moments

Hashtagging the hell out of your texts? Being your own witty voiceover? Blanking everyone between 9 and 10pm? Sounds like you’ve got it BAD for Love Island, and we’re right there with you. From the LOLs and the tears to the mega-scale cringes, here’s our round-up of the top 8 moments from Love Island 2017.

1. When Marcel tried to keep Blazin’ Squad on the down-low

AND FAILED. Next time you’re trying to play down your chart-topping past, Marcel, try not to name-drop every five minutes. Olivia clearly doesn’t know what a banger Crossroads was. *sigh*


2. Learning a whole new vocab

Theo says Kem’s a melt, Chris called Mike muggy for grafting Olivia, and Jonny got pied off by Tyla. Are you following? The Love Island glossary has given us life this season (and had us checking Urban Dictionary on the sly…)


3. Camilla shutting down Jonny in a feminist debate

The biggest ‘you go, girl!’ moment of the series came from the villa’s sweetest resident, Camilla. Keeping her standards super high (she supposedly dated Prince Harry, after all), this mega-babe made it clear she was so not OK with Jonny’s views on feminism. Take a bow, Cam.


4. The return of Muggy Mike

Everyone’s favourite heartthrob got not one but two stabs at finding love in the villa. Did he meet ‘the one’? No. Did he stir major levels of drama and cause us to swoon in every scene? Yep. So for that reason, Mike, you practically won.


5. The Lie Detector Test

It was less than a week until the final and everyone’s super loved-up. CUE THE LIE DETECTOR. Not one bit legit but insanely entertaining – the amount of awks moments this machine created was just too good.


6. Olivia’s cute-as list for Chris

We wouldn’t blame you for thinking she hated the boy: so when Olivia finally showed her softer side and put all her eggs in Chris’ basket, our hearts literally melted. Her list of reasons why she loves him included his iced gem hair (we’re still LOL-ing) and the fact he’s so kind to everyone. What a keeper.


7. When new girl Georgia crossed Amber

She’d been in the villa for all of five minutes before the islanders got that dreaded recoupling text, and when Georgia chose to partner with Amber’s official boyfriend, Kem, it sent shockwaves through the villa. One look at Amber’s face said it all. FUMING.


8. Stormzy getting in on the action

The Twitter challenge always rocks the Love Island villa, but there’s something about that blue verified tick that makes a diss hit so much harder. Don’t worry Olivia, grime star @Stormzy1’s post only got 27k retweets… #brutal.