How To: Summer Nail Art

Nails in need of a glam-over? We’re on it. Whether you’re off to a festival, vacaying with the girls, or just wanna shake up your usual mani-pedi, here are three easy nail art designs for summer – it’s time to dazzle up them digits.


Be Inspired!


Polka Dot Nails

What’s small, sweet and covered in spots? Polka dot nails, obvs. To get this ditsy look down, apply a clear base coat to your nails, and then grab a few nail polishes (we used four) in the colours of your choice. Dip a pencil into each pot of polish and cover your nails with dots, repeating until you’re happy with the design. Seal it in with a clear top coat and get stack-happy with your favourite rings. Cute doesn’t even cut it.


Watermelon Ombré Nails

Watermelons aren’t just for Instagram. This juicy little nail art design is the simplest – and coolest – way to work one of summer’s fave trends into your summer get-up. Wanna know how to do it? Start with a clear base coat and add some latex around the cuticles (gotta keep that excess in check), before brushing three stripes of nail polish onto foil. Then, press a damp sponge over the design and dab it on your nails, slowly building up the ombré. Tidy up the edges and finish with a top coat, plus a stack of rings and bracelets. So dreamy.


Feather Nails

If the thought of drawing teeny-tiny feathers with a nail art pen is too much to bear (a girl’s got stuff to do, y’know), then let this beauty hack do all the hard work for you. To create this zero-effort feathered look, prep your nails with a clear base coat and pale pink polish. Next, take a different colour (we used mint green), dab it onto the foil to remove the excess and apply light brush strokes to each nail. Repeat with each colour of your choice and round it off with a top coat and glam gold jewels to make it look mega.


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