8 Things We All Do To Hold Onto Summer

So, you’ve finally got a tan, you’ve honed your summer look, your feel-good playlist is on point and then – wait, what? It’s all over?! Typical. Luckily if there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s holding onto summer for as long as humanly possible.  Admit it – you’ve done all of these things…

1. Going overboard on the fake tan


When the sun refuses to step up, you decide to take matters into your own hands. And yeah, OK, judging by your latest selfies, you might have got a *tiny* bit carried away with your mission to keep your summer glow going. Oops.


2. Wearing sandals for way longer than you should

Sure, you’re worried you might actually lose a toe because your feet appear to be turning blue, but you’ve come too far to give up your sandals without a fight. You’ve made a vow that you won’t even look at a pair of ankle boots until October and you’re no quitter.


3. Refusing to wear tights


They’ve been staring at you from that drawer all summer long, reminding you that it’s going to be cold again soon but are you going to give in? No, you are not. Even if it means you can’t feel your legs.


4. Forcing your friends to go to the beach when it’s not beach weather

You’re so determined to keep the summer dream alive that you manage to convince your BFFs to take a road trip to the beach with you. Sunshine! Sea!  Sunbathing! Except it’s more like clouds, shivering and wishing you’d brought some blankets.


5. Buying totally weather-inappropriate clothes

Pretty sure there’s a law that says if you’ve just bought a new bikini it has to stay sunny.



6. Stubbornly ordering frappuccinos


Your fave frozen sugar rush is going absolutely nowhere.


7. Eating outside at every opportunity

10°C? Perfect! A Blanket of clouds as far as the eye can see? Ideal conditions! As long it’s not raining, you’re outside dining al fresco, trying to convince your mates and yourself that you’re not totally freezing. ‘Oh, these? No they’re not goosebumps, they’re freckles. Yep, definitely freckles.’


8. Giving in and looking up flights to Australia

It’s always summer somewhere, right?

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