Sylvie’s Suitcase: Singapore & Sydney Style Diary

Already planning a winter sun getaway? Take inspiration from blogger Sylvie of Sylvie’s Suitcase, who’s jetted off to Australia via Singapore with a backpack full of Accessorize travel essentials.


Day One

Cara Leather Backpack, £59

I always pack with good intentions, but more often than not my suitcase finds itself with a Heavy Luggage label tag being snapped on at the check in desk. On this trip to Singapore and Sydney, I wanted my hang luggage to be light so that I could breeze around the shops with ease! Fortunately, my leather backpack is small yet deceivingly roomy so I packed all my plane essentials in it for the flight to Singapore.

The first thing we did when arriving in Singapore after checking in to our hotel was to go straight up to the rooftop pool. We watched the sunset over this small powerhouse of a city and were in awe of the pink and orange hues of the sky that looked like burning embers of a marshmallow on the distant horizon.


Day Two

Simone Macrame Back Swimsuit, £35 | Plain Seagrass Flip Flops, £8 | Cara Leather Backpack, £59

After some sightseeing round Singapore’s china town and the Marina Bay district, we were straight back up to the pool to soak up some sun and work on our tans. I have fine hair so a hat is an essential sunbathing accessory for me as it not only protects my head, but also keeps the skin on my face protected whilst looking chic in the process.


Day Three

Cara Leather Backpack, £59

A night flight is never any fun, but now we’ve landed in Sydney any feelings of tiredness are completely forgotten. We go for a hike from Coogee to Bondi beach and soak in the epic sights and glorious spring sunshine. I’ve got my camera tripod packed in my backpack for some self-timer shots along the rocks.


Day Four

Flower Embroidered Shirt Dress, £29 | Ethnic Silver Stacking Ring Set, £10

It’s so hot here that I just want to wear something light and breezy for the day. I throw on my embroidered beach shirt and we head to Bondi for an Acai bowl breakfast. Sydney breakfasts are legendary and I can confirm that the Aussies know how to make a banging Acai bowl. Cue my Instagram-husband to take countless shots of me with it before I can eat any of it.


Day Five

Cara Leather Backpack, £59

Is a visit to Sydney complete without a visit to the opera house? Of course not, so today we head up to the harbor in the morning in a bid to avoid the swarms of tourists that flock for photographs here. The Opera house and bridge really are a sight to behold and I vow to come back again at night to enjoy a drink at the opera bar at sunset.

Cara Leather Backpack, £59

After a quick change and some lunch, we head out to Manly which involves a 30-minute ferry ride that sets off from Circular Quay in the harbor. Manly is on the northern beaches of Sydney and is a cool and quirky little town with a gorgeous long beach that’s a little quieter than Bondi but just as beautiful. It’s a little cold to get in the water, but the sun is still strong so I’ve got my beach hat on for the day.


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