Top 5 Tips for Freshers

Heading off to uni and need some advice? We asked our expert pals at StudentJob to tell us their top five tips for freshers, from making friends to surviving the freshers’ week socials.

1. Live in halls


Living in halls is the perfect way to secure yourself a set of friends at uni. Bonding over a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ is a sure-fire way to become best friends with your new housemates, as well as working out how to cook *actual* meals, hitting up the freshers’ fair, going on nights out and – of course – suffering through the inevitable hangovers together…


2. Buy a freshers’ wristband


Confused about which freshers’ tickets to buy? There’s often loads of options to choose from and they can seem pretty similar but don’t be put off – get yourself a freshers’ wristband (aka your golden ticket) in plenty of time to avoid missing out. And don’t forget to check out your student union’s website to find the best deals around, plus the biggest parties and events to attend!


3. Join a society


Whether you’re into fashion, feminism or field hockey, joining a society is a must-do for any fresher. It’s a fantastic way to meet new people (and make new mates = win), try something new and enhance your university experience. It seems daunting at first but we promise you won’t regret it!


4. Get a job


The excitement you feel when that first student loan drops won’t last forever, trust us. Eventually your funds will dwindle and it *will* be time to get a job. We recommend you to start looking for one early – try StudentJob for part time and weekend jobs in your area.


5. Actually go to your lectures


It’s easy to slip into a pattern of missing the odd lecture in your first year of uni. Everyone does it so it *almost* seems acceptable. Unfortunately, while you can get away with it in first year, second year is an entirely different story. That’s why we’d recommend you to get into a good habit early on. It doesn’t really seem worth it to spend £9,000 a year to lie in bed, does it?

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Written by Saffron Shergill at StudentJob is a job portal specifically designed for the needs of students and young professionals. To find part time, weekend and temporary jobs, visit their website and apply for free.