The Best DIY Halloween Pumpkins from Instagram

Fashion a fright night with #nofilterneeded and get inspired with the best DIY Halloween pumpkins from Instagram. Skip the carved creations that’ve been donning our doorsteps ever since forevs, and trick or treat yourself with painted pumpkins (so 2017) to make your mates go woah.


1.  The Unicorn Pumpkin

Not gonna lie – we’re *still* not over unicorns and this DIY design might just be the reason why. From its flower crown and fluttery lashes right down to its actual unicorn horn, this pretty ‘lil thing is sure to bring the magic to our Insta feeds.


2. The Colour-Pop Pumpkin

Colour pop pumpkins might not be the most obvious choice when it comes to spooking up your Halloween haunt – but who cares when they look this good? Mix and match supersized squashes and mini munchkins in your fave shades to brighten up every autumn day.


3. The Cactus Pumpkin

If that supermarket squash doesn’t *quite* fit your minimalist-meets-plant-lady vibe, then these undercover cactuses are your Halloween BFFs. A few blasts of green spray paint and a couple of paper flowers later and – bang – you’ve made all your millennial dreams come true.


4. The Monochrome Pumpkin

Wanna keep it ghoulish but glam? Monochrome pumpkins are the only way to go. Paint on stripes or squares (your game face is required for this one), before spraying the stalk a glistening shade of gold.  Sass levels = off the charts.


5. The Popcorn Pumpkin 

Getting the ghoul gang round for a Stranger Things binge-fest? Leave the fairy-lights-and-alphabet-wall combo to Joyce Byers (soz love) and head straight back to the Upside Down with popcorn bucket pumpkins to make your hangs look sweet, not scary.


6. The Slogan Pumpkin

Slogan pumpkins = the ultimate squash goals. Press play on the Halloween tunes, grab the snacks (witch better have my candy) and get your pals together for a pumpkin-painting party like no other. Express yourself with individual quotes or make it extra Insta-worthy with a team slogan.


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