10 Things That Always Happen on Christmas Day

Fairy lights? Check. Festive cheese selection? Check. Presents? Erm… almost. Ready or not, Christmas is almost here – and it’s giving us ALL the feels. From opening your presents in your PJs to eating all the mince pies (food baby alert), here are the 10 things that always happen on Christmas Day.


1. Waking up way too early

It’s 6am. Seriously, WHY are you even awake? It doesn’t help that you only got in a few hours ago, having spent the whole night belting out the festive bangers in the pub with your home-grown girl gang, all while wearing matching light-up jumpers. It seemed like *such* a good idea at the time.


2. …until you realise: IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY!

Pass this gal a mince pie, stat.


3. Rushing downstairs to open your presents (in your PJS, obvs)

Yeah, OK, we know that we’re supposed to be grown-ups now but IT’S TRADITION, OK?


4. Being extra with your Christmas Day outfit

After a v nutritious breakfast of Bucks Fizz and chocolate, it’s time for your festive glam-over to begin. You have a shower (finally), sort your hair and make-up out, and slip into your designated Christmas Day outfit. You’re not even going anywhere. But hey, if you can’t get dressed up to walk around the kitchen looking fly on Christmas Day then when can you, eh?


5. …and then wishing you’d just worn stretchy pants

Never mind. You won’t be defeated – at least not when there’s a whole plate of pigs in blankets right over there.


6. Sitting through the Queen’s Speech like…

Literally can’t believe we’re missing Elf for this.


7. Getting ultra-competitive over the festive board games

Not gonna lie – you were a tiny bit miffed when your little cousins rocked up with a brand new game of Operation. You used to circle it in the Christmas catalogues every year when you were a kid and your parents NEVER got it for you. Ah well. At least now you can show the kids who’s boss.


8. Taking an awkward family photo (Christmas edition)

Selfies + your fam = total disaster.

9. Accepting more food even though you’re stuffed

It’s easier than having to explain to your mum why you don’t want ANOTHER turkey sandwich. Besides, the EastEnders Christmas special is on so you can’t talk right now anyway.


10. Falling asleep on the sofa wearing a paper Christmas hat

Yep, you have officially turned into your nan. Until next year, babes.


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