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Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day

Around 47,000 people in the UK have Down Syndrome.

On World Down Syndrome Day, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate them, and raise awareness for their achievements, starting with our kids model, Erla-Kate.

In-between photographing our new kids’ collection for this campaign, we interviewed Aidan, Erla-Kate’s father (and one of the team here at Monsoon Accessorize HQ) about what he loves most about being Erla-Kate’s Dad, and what World Down Syndrome means to their family.

What is it like being Erla-Kate’s parent?

Fun, and sometimes challenging, but isn’t every 10-year-old? The biggest obstacle can be communication, Erla-Kate communicates verbally and with Makaton signing. She has no awareness of danger so we also have to be very alert to that.

Can you describe her character? And what is your relationship like?

Erla-Kate is always happy, and incredibly endearing. She loves music, especially Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa, Coldplay and Josh Brennan. Dancing is one of her favourite activities, she picks up moves very quickly and likes to put on performances at home! She’s also very flexible (as she has hypertonia) and she used to do gymnastics. Other than that she loves to go with muddy walks with our Bulldog Betsy, and spending time with the family. She’s very close to her older brother and sister.

What does World Down Syndrome Day mean to your family?

It’s a time for us to be proud! Her modelling raises the awareness of people with Down Syndrome in society. Before Erla-Kate was born we were like every other typical family, but having a daughter with Down Syndrome has made us more aware of people with disabilities and the everyday challenges they face.

What would you like people to know about people with Down Syndrome (and their families)?

Erla-Kate is the most joyful person you’ll ever meet. She makes you laugh, smile, giggle without knowing it. She instantly lights up any room she walks into.

Yes, there are challenging and frustrating times, but our life isn’t very different to a typical family. We have the occasional stubbornness and sulks of a 10 (going on 16!) year old girl, but they don’t last long.

How did Erla-Kate enjoy wearing the collection and visiting her Dad’s work place?

Erla-Kate LOVES to show off. Once she’s familiar with her surroundings there’s really no stopping her! She was very excited to model and loved the product – especially the dresses, hair clips, bracelets. Her favourite piece was the green octopus bag.

Is there anything else you or Erla-Kate would like to say?

Thank you for inviting Erla-Kate to model for Monsoon Accessorize and for helping to raise awareness for World Down Syndrome Day! Erla-Kate really enjoyed the whole day.

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For International Women’s Day, the Monsoon Accessorize Trust is donating to the Jeevika Trust

Period poverty is one of the #1 issues affecting women around the world today. ​

For women and girls in rural India, stigma and limited access to menstrual hygiene is one of the main reasons that girls drop out of school. 73% reported using a cloth during menstruation, while 66.7% developed reproductive tract infections as a result of using cloths. Today, the Monsoon Accessorize Trust has teamed up with Jeevika to help change this.

Working with its partner in India, Jeevika provides hygienic, eco-disposable menstrual products for women in the poorest communities.​

It also aims to create a solution going forward by providing reproductive-health education in local villages, and training in production of eco-disposable sanitary napkins. This will support future access to menstrual hygiene products, and a sustainable income for women in the community. 

Learn more about Jeevika