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Design Stories: Deck the halls with Young Women’s Trust X Accessorize

This festive season, we partnered with The Young Women’s Trust to create Christmas decorations that make a difference. These beautiful decorations are embroidered with a meaningful wish and profits from the collection go toward the trust. 

We go behind the design at our in-house studio in London to find out more…

The Collaboration

Collaborating with a charity that supports women to live their lives to the fullest was a great partnership, especially during the festive season. The trust does so much for the lives of young women, read how they helped Issy

The CEO, Sophie Walker, joined the trust to help build a movement of young women who want to create change. “We’re the only charity that is set up expressly for young women, to shout about their brilliant promise and create a world free of discrimination for them.

It’s an organisation for activists – we celebrate your impatience for change and we want to channel that into real impact.”


The Collection

Designs were hand-drawn and brought to life using luxe fabrics, gold thread and embellished with sequins, diamantes and beads.

The curated collection of decorations come in beautiful shapes, each chosen to symbolise the meaningful wish, which is embroidered on the back. 

A heart is the ultimate symbol of love. Whether its sharing your love with a special someone or encouraging self love. 
The King of the Jungle inspires and encourages courage. It’s perfect for someone who needs encouragement to believe in themselves and what they stand for.
This festive door represents the opening of new possibilities and chances. It’s perfect for those experiencing change and new adventures.
After becoming somewhat of a health symbol (hello avocado emoji), this shape was used to represent health and wellbeing. It’s perfect for those who need to remember to put themselves and their health first.
This festive-themed treat symbolises the good things in life – like good food with those you love at Christmas. It’s a great choice for those who 
Have you ever seen a rainbow and not smiled? Exactly. That’s why this symbol was ideal to represent happiness. This decoration is the perfect addition to the lives of those who need a reminder to slow down and see the joy and happiness in the little things.  
The eye, also known as the evil eye, is known as a symbol of protection in many cultures. It’s a great choice for loved ones who need support and care. 
The dove is a symbol of gentleness, love and peace. It’s a beautiful gift for those seeking some calmness in their lives.
Whether it’s our adoration for cheesy rom-coms or simply it’s pure majestic beauty, but a snowflake is a magical site. It’s perfect for those who need a reminder to appreciate the magic in the everyday.
The palm – a Hamsa – is a popular amulet believed to bring the receiver good fortune and luck. It’s a thoughtful gift for anyone that you wish to gift success, harmony or support to.
A shining sun peaking through the clouds represents hope and is the perfect festive-season pick-me-up for a loved one. 
The perfect gift for anyone and everyone, this decoration encourages receivers and recipients to make a wish for everyone, whatever that may look like to them. 

Few things are more joyful than a smiling gingerbread man, right? This cute wee guy is the perfect addition to the tree for anyone who needs to be reminded to find delight and bliss in the simple pleasures.  
The collection also has festive favourites for your tree like a snowman, Santa Claus, garland and bauble.  


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Read more about the Young Women’s Trust’s work

Make a Wish: Meet Young Women’s Trust Ambassador Issy

‘Tis the season for giving, which is why we have partnered with The Young Women’s Trust to create beautiful Christmas decorations. They’re the perfect gift for loved ones with each decoration offering a meaningful wish embroidered on the back. They also donate toward the trust supporting women to be the best they can be. 

We spoke to Issy whose life has been positively impacted by the support of the Young Women’s Trust. 

 Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience with Young Women’s Trust.
My first experience of Young Women’s Trust was the Work It Out telephone coaching service. I used Work It Out soon after graduating, I had experienced a period of homelessness and lived in temporary accommodation during my final year. I wasn’t sure about my future after such a turbulent year – I needed help to gain clarity and realign myself with my goals. 
I’ve been involved with Young Women’s Trust for the past five years through voluntary work and campaigning. For the past two years I have directly influenced the direction of the charity as a member of their Advisory Panel, a group of young women with experience of living on low or no pay.

How did support from Young Women’s Trust impact your life?
In the past, I saw my role as a young single mum as a barrier to my success and development. Through Work It Out coaching and by being connected to so many other young women who have also overcome difficult challenges, my opinion of what limits me has changed.

I also work full time now, whereas before I worked a mixture of low-paid or zero-hour contract jobs. When I’m in the office I feel that I can own the space I occupy – I don’t feel anxious about how my co-workers might perceive me because I am confident in the fact that I have worked just as hard to be among them. Despite experiencing social anxiety, I went on to postgraduate study – I graduated in July and was the only one on my course to graduate with distinction.

Young Women’s Trust understands the need for women to be empowered and nurtured. Throughout my journey that is exactly how I have felt – empowered, encouraged, supported and nurtured. The support I received from my Work It Out coach was unparalleled to any support service I’ve accessed before, thanks to the flexibility and to how aware the coaches are of some of the challenges young women like me have faced and continue to face.

In your opinion, what are some of the biggest struggles young women face today?
Some of the biggest challenges faced by women are often not in their control; low pay, sexist discrimination, issues with mental wellbeing, difficulties in finding secure housing… I think that’s what makes my work with Young Women’s Trust so important. Particularly as a member of the Advisory Panel, where I have been able to share my lived experiences and talk about how I think we can improve the situation for other young women experiencing similar things.

Being self-assured about where you are and what you are doing is so necessary. Every young woman should be able to feel secure in that way, regardless of the challenges going on around them.

During the stressful festive season, how do you take care of your mental wellbeing?
I love the festive season – I call it the season of self-indulgence. As soon as the clocks go back, I stock up on whipped cream, sprinkles and hot chocolate. Sometimes I make a mug for me and my daughter when I get back from work as a treat. We sit together, chat and have a giggle – it’s nice

What is your favourite positive affirmation?
“Nothing is perfect and don’t ever try to be. Doing and learning is enough.” I love that affirmation because it stops you from obsessing about the doubts you have and encourages you to be proactive instead.

Which wish would you gift to yourself?
If I could gift myself a wish, I would gift myself ‘Courage’ – courage to always do what I feel is the right thing to do for myself and those around me, at home and at work.

Which wish would you give to your best friend?
I wish all my friends ‘Good Fortune’ – particularly as we face environmental and political uncertainty. A little bit of good luck and positivity can go a long way.

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Design Stories: Z for Accessorize Lifestyle Gifting

Golden threads and mystical motifs make our Z for Accessorize lifestyle collection even more magical. We go behind the design at our in-house studio in London to find out more about our exciting range of gorgeous gifts.

Here’s your exclusive behind-the-scenes look…


The Inspiration

Designed in London by Zara Simon, exclusively for Accessorize, the Z for Accessorize range is our premium collection of gold-plated jewellery, adding a special something to your accessories wardrobe.

The collection is inspired by magical and mystical motifs, like the sparkling night sky, evil eyes and constellations. Luxe fabrications were used, such as velvet, sliced gem stones, coloured glass and marble.

“Inspired by my love of art and my travels around the world searching for beautiful materials, colours, shapes and symbols, I’ve created this eclectic, mystical homeware collection to be loved and treasured,” said designer, Zara Simon


“The mystical constellations of the clear night skies come alive in the sketched patterns used across the collection, while the inky colours are reflected in the dark velvet textures.”

The Design Process

Every little detail was incredibly important, and all designs were hand drawn first and then hand embellished onto the velvet roll and pouches. 

“The work of Hilma af Klint, the Swedish artist and mystic, has been hugely influential. She was so ahead of her time with her use of colours and shapes – this has inspired me to incorporate agate slices and circles throughout the collection.”

The Collection

As with the Z for Accessories collection, the range of lifestyle gifting pieces make the perfect presents – especially those with a lot of jewellery. Whether it’s a jewellery roll for when they travel, a ceramic jewellery dish for their bedside table or a jewellery box for all of their jewels.

“This timeless collection has been designed to be loved and treasured – for instance, once the candle has burned out, the pot can be used to store your favourite trinkets.”

There are also some limited edition jewels. Think charm necklaces to layer, including hammered zodiac pendant. As well as geometric earrings featuring, blue & green gem stones.

Perfect Party Looks to Try This Season Based on Your Star Sign  

Your diary is likely stacking up with places to be and people to see. After all, party season is upon us.

It can become tiresome finding new things to wear, which is why the perfect accessory can make an outfit (and a night). To make your choice a little easier, we’ve found the perfect look for you depending on your star sign. So, whether you read your star sign every so often or religiously live your life dependent on your sign, see what your pieces will ensure you have a look ready to dance all night.


Capricorns are simple and sophisticated, so their perfect plus one is the Shell Embellished Mini Duffle – it’s practical and oh-so-pretty. Pair it with the Clip on Billie Statement Drop Earrings for a polished party look.


Trendy, quirky and a lover of statement pieces, the Aquarius party-goer is ready for the spotlight with the Natalie Gem Collar Necklace. They’ll let their sparkly side shine with the Rosie Embellished Clutch Bag.  


Free-spirited and a hopeless romantic, you can count on a Pisces to pick the best music at every party. Their party-look tends to be whimsical yet still on-trend, so the Diamante Glitter Hardcase Clutch Bag and Velvet Bead Wide Knot Alice Band are perfect. 


A firey sign, Aries are known for their bold personality. So, what better than the Snake Foldover Clutch paired with some shimmering bracelets like the Cupchain Bead Stretch Bracelets – the more the better.


Taurus are likely to sparkle brighter than the disco ball at any and every party, so it’s no surprise their favourite accessories are adorned with sparkle, sparkle and more sparkle, like the Reece Rainbow Sequinned Clutch Bag and the Billie Statement Drop Earrings.


Everything is better in twos where Gemini is concerned. Aptly symbolised by celestial twins, double up the glam with the Rectangle Sparkle Hair Clips, worn together, of course. Turn up the sparkle with the Sparkle Foldover Clutch.


Another sophisticated sign, Cancer loves feminine and soft silhouettes and shapes and love an elegant wrap, like the All Over Metalic Stole. They’re also all over the pearl trend, of course, think the Pearl Collar Necklace.


Incredibly passionate and fans of all things bold and brilliant, Leos are the first at the party and the last on the dance floor. They love a bag as bold as them, like the Freya Crystal Drop Ring Handle Clutch Bag and the Leopard Foldover Clutch.


There’s nothing a Virgo loves more than finding the perfectly polished finishing touch, the prettier the better. Needless to say you’ll see them finishing off every look with the perfect hairband, like the Flower Gem Alice Hair Band. Add some extra sparkle with the Georgia Holographic Leather Quilted Bag.


All about balance, Libra will party hard but be in bed in time to get 8 hours sleep. Their party style is also the perfect balance of edgy and feminine, like the Cassie Pearl Collar Necklace and the Embellished Cocktail Scarf.


For a Scorpio, it’s all or nothing. So it’s no surprise they are lovers of the crystal drenching trend – think more is more like layering the Blue Stone Ornate Cocktail Ring and Marilyn Crystal Deco Cocktail Ring. Also, mix and match with the Kylie Clip on Short Drop Earrings and the Rave Behave Slinky Drop Earrings.


You’ll see these folk at every party – chances are they’ve ticked off all the main festivals this year, as well. They live large, in style, and need something that will take them from one party to another, like Faux Fur Tippet paired with the oh-so-sparkly Chainmail Zip Top Clutch Bag.


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Make a wish this Christmas with the Young Women’s Trust

The season of giving is upon us, whether that’s spending time with friends, gifting presents under the tree or sharing you grandma’s secret mulled wine recipe. Christmas is also time to gift a wish to those who need it, whether it’s a little extra love, a boost of courage or good fortune. 

To make this a possibility, we’ve partnered with The Young Women’s Trust, a charity dedicated to supporting young women, to create a beautiful collection of Christmas decorations, which have a wish for love, courage, fortune and more beautifully embroidered on them. As see in Stylist and The Independent.

These creations lift the spirits of your loved ones (and look fabulous on the tree) and also donate to the Young Women’s Trust to support young women into work.

Research by the trust shows that almost half a million young women are unemployed and more are stuck in low paid, insecure work. This is why The Young Women’s Trust is working with women aged 18-30 to find work that is right for them. 

“We’re the only charity that is set up expressly for young women, to shout about their brilliant promise and create a world free of discrimination for them…Our mission is to shine a light on that wonderful pool of talent and possibility, support those women to develop their skills and strong mental health, and raise their voices so that their contributions are valued.” – The Young Women’s Trust CEO, Sophie Walker.

Working closely with young women, the trust offers coaching workshops that build skills and encourage strong mental health as well as CV feedback and interview techniques. 

The Young Women’s Trust also works to achieve economic justice for young women through activist training and campaigning. They cover everything from ending job segmentation, stereotyping and sexual harassment to flexible working and pay discrimination.

How you can help The Young Women’s Trust

Giving the gift of a wish this Christmas not only shares a little special something with your loved ones, but it also opens more possibilities for the women supported by The Young Women’s Trust.


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Design Stories: The Whimsy and Wonderful Pearl Embellished Knits

Perfect pearls make our winter warmers even more irresistible. We speak to the talented members of our in-house studio team in London about our greatest knits.

Here’s your exclusive behind-the-scenes look…


The Inspiration

“We were inspired by all the beautiful embellished pieces we had seen on the catwalks and wanted to translate this ‘more is more’ trend into some great easy to wear pieces for the Christmas season. We loved the idea of bringing the feeling of dressing up and fun to everyday items.

We hope these pieces bring sparkle and a smile to the everyday for our customers.”


The Design Process

“The most exciting part of the process for me is translating trend into easy to wear great product. I love working with our suppliers to get the product just right, from the initial design briefing to perfecting the fit and the materials we use.

The best thing is seeing your ideas turn into a reality – Especially spotting the final pieces being worn by all kinds of different women! I love nothing more than seeing a customer who has styled their look in a great way with one of our  pieces.”


The Collection

“We love the way these pieces enable you to add a real feeling of fun and dressing up to your winter wardrobe. Staying cosy doesn’t have to mean you can’t still be dressed up – We love the way these pieces bring the party to winter looks!”


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You’re Invited | Good as Gold Leather Embossing Event

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, why not get them something with their name written all over it, literally. 

It’s no secret that everyone has gone mad for personalisation; it’s a have-to-have statement piece and also the perfect ‘you shouldn’t have, but I’m so glad you did’ gift. That’s why we’ve partnered with Heaps + Stacks to personalise your new Accessorize leather to celebrate you – and help with gifts that look like you’ve gone the extra mile (because you have).

We’ve got chic leather cross body bags, a cool and casual leather backpack, and the perfect everyday leather tote. 

Purchase one of our leather pieces and receive free embossing. If you’re one of those incredibly-organised people, it’s the perfect Christmas present for a loved one (or a you-survived-the-week treat for yourself!)

We’re going to be popping up between 10am – 2pm in our Accessorize stores for the next few weeks. 

Friday 15th November: One New Change & Canary Wharf

Saturday 16th November: Bluewater & Lakeside

Friday 13th December: Oxford Street East & Brent Cross

Saturday 14th December: White City Westfield & Stratford Westfield




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How to Shop More Sustainable This World Vegan Day

This World Vegan Day, we are thinking about small changes we can make to our shopping habits that can ensure a better future for the planet.

Everywhere we look there’s something about the future of the planet, often rather glum news. The good news is, even the simplest lifestyle change can make a difference, from reducing your plastic usage or off-setting carbon on your flight, to shopping in a more sustainable way.  

Here are some of our sustainable pieces that can help you make a small difference. 

Bag yourself a Vegan piece

Some of our bags have been certified vegan by The Vegan Society, and the even better news is that mores styles will be joining the collection next year.  

Back to cool

Long gone the days where you begrudgingly slumped your (often unfashionable) backpack over your shoulder on the way to school (while leaving rouge bandannas in the bottom, sorry mum). Today, the backpack is one of the most popular bags – it’s hands free, fits everything you need and it’s on-trend. The Judy Backpack is your go-to for everyday wear and it’s made from durable faux leather. 

In the Bag

Make your everyday more sustainable with the Taylor Double Zip Cross Body Bag. Also made from faux leather, this bag has beautiful hidden details and card holders – so you’ll never lose your card again.

Recycle, Re-purpose

Wrap up during the cooler months with the Animal Patchwork Recycled Stole. Both pieces are part of our sustainable collection, Designed for Good. Super soft, these scarves add a unique pop of colour and print to your look, but they’re also made from recycled plastic bottles. There are plenty of patterns, from floral and map print to brushstrokes and more animal print


To celebrate World Vegan Day, we are giving away a vegan bag – so head to our Twitter, follow us, and be in to win!