Design Stories: Deck the halls with Young Women’s Trust X Accessorize

This festive season, we partnered with The Young Women’s Trust to create Christmas decorations that make a difference. These beautiful decorations are embroidered with a meaningful wish and profits from the collection go toward the trust. 

We go behind the design at our in-house studio in London to find out more…

The Collaboration

Collaborating with a charity that supports women to live their lives to the fullest was a great partnership, especially during the festive season. The trust does so much for the lives of young women, read how they helped Issy

The CEO, Sophie Walker, joined the trust to help build a movement of young women who want to create change. “We’re the only charity that is set up expressly for young women, to shout about their brilliant promise and create a world free of discrimination for them.

It’s an organisation for activists – we celebrate your impatience for change and we want to channel that into real impact.”


The Collection

Designs were hand-drawn and brought to life using luxe fabrics, gold thread and embellished with sequins, diamantes and beads.

The curated collection of decorations come in beautiful shapes, each chosen to symbolise the meaningful wish, which is embroidered on the back. 

A heart is the ultimate symbol of love. Whether its sharing your love with a special someone or encouraging self love. 
The King of the Jungle inspires and encourages courage. It’s perfect for someone who needs encouragement to believe in themselves and what they stand for.
This festive door represents the opening of new possibilities and chances. It’s perfect for those experiencing change and new adventures.
After becoming somewhat of a health symbol (hello avocado emoji), this shape was used to represent health and wellbeing. It’s perfect for those who need to remember to put themselves and their health first.
This festive-themed treat symbolises the good things in life – like good food with those you love at Christmas. It’s a great choice for those who 
Have you ever seen a rainbow and not smiled? Exactly. That’s why this symbol was ideal to represent happiness. This decoration is the perfect addition to the lives of those who need a reminder to slow down and see the joy and happiness in the little things.  
The eye, also known as the evil eye, is known as a symbol of protection in many cultures. It’s a great choice for loved ones who need support and care. 
The dove is a symbol of gentleness, love and peace. It’s a beautiful gift for those seeking some calmness in their lives.
Whether it’s our adoration for cheesy rom-coms or simply it’s pure majestic beauty, but a snowflake is a magical site. It’s perfect for those who need a reminder to appreciate the magic in the everyday.
The palm – a Hamsa – is a popular amulet believed to bring the receiver good fortune and luck. It’s a thoughtful gift for anyone that you wish to gift success, harmony or support to.
A shining sun peaking through the clouds represents hope and is the perfect festive-season pick-me-up for a loved one. 
The perfect gift for anyone and everyone, this decoration encourages receivers and recipients to make a wish for everyone, whatever that may look like to them. 

Few things are more joyful than a smiling gingerbread man, right? This cute wee guy is the perfect addition to the tree for anyone who needs to be reminded to find delight and bliss in the simple pleasures.  
The collection also has festive favourites for your tree like a snowman, Santa Claus, garland and bauble.  


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