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picture of a low bun with sparkly hair clips

Mane Attraction: Styling The Perfect Bun

A bad hair day can well and truly make or break a day (and night) especially if it’s a special occasion! So, how do you style the perfect bun? We’ve got you covered with a easy to recreate hair tutorial – complete with our pick of stunning accessories, of course. 

We ventured to Duck and Dry’s Soho salon to create some hair tutorials to inspire your next look. Next up, the perfect bun!



2 pictures of a bun. Left is a stylist creating a bun second is the bun with a black scrunchie on ii

Prep your hair with a gentle backcomb and then brush through hair to smooth it – you’re after a little more volume than normal, but not hair from an 80’s music video!  Pull hair loosely into a a bun at the back of your head – not to low and not too high.  Adjust hair to give an undone, everyday look and smooth the roots – hairspray is a handy friend here! 


Pop the Organza Scrunchie on for a 90’s throwback – Spice Girls tunes are optional (Baby Spice would have adored this scrunchie!)


a picture of two buns, left is a stylist putting scrunchies on a bun, second is a picture of a bun with scrunchies stacked on it

If you want to really embrace the scrunchies, layer up our spotty scrunchies for a very on-trend look. 




picture of two low buns. Left a stylist doing the hair, right the final low bun with sparkly hair clips

For a more dressed up look, create a low bun at the nape of your neck. Finish with the sparkly snap clips!


Feeling inspired? Watch the full tutorial here.


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How to Master the Layered Necklace Look

This season when it comes to our necklace collection, we are all about the layered look. It’s an art form showcased by cool girls and street style mavens who are rocking the more is more look, with on-trend gold chains, statement shells and beaded beauties.

Read on to master the layered necklace look and give yourself an excuse to by another necklace (or three). 

Play with length

The best way to A) create an oh-so-cool look and B) not get your necklaces completely tangled is knowing the lengths of your necklaces. The perfect recipe is a choker, a mid-length and a long chain, then you can play around from there. Our go-tos? The Snake Chain Choker, Gold-Plated Constellation Pendant, and the Long Opal Rope Necklace

Hint: If you need make something longer or want all your chains connected, shop our handy jewellery solutions kit

All shapes and sizes

Mix and match your chains for an effortlessly cool look. Think a chunky chain paired with something dainty like the Paperclip Chain Necklace or the Opal Starburst Pendant

Find the perfect key piece

The perfect way to start your look, or work of art, is to find a statement piece that everything else can sit above or below. An on-trend coin necklace makes for the perfect starting point, like our Zodiac Coin Charm Necklace. 

Add some flair to your look with on-trend pearls or shells. Our Silver Freshwater Pearl Pendant and Shell Necklace are perfect additions to your stack. Make your look night time ready with the Sparkle Tennis Necklace!


If in Doubt…

You can also shop our ready-stacked looks. These can be worn alone, or with one of your fave chains or pendants. Our Multi Chain Star Charm Necklace and Z by Accessorize Set of Chain Necklaces are perfect! Remember, more is more!


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The Ultimate Valentine’s Gift List

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to share the love, whether that’s with your girls, a special someone, or yourself! 

Because we care, here are our top gift ideas this Valentines for everyone in your life, whether they’re the fitness influence you love to hate, the earth lover helping you make conscious choices or that person who is always up for a night in!

Plus, if your special someone is a little bit … slow on picking up the hints, just send this to them and act surprised on the 14th!

Explore the Valentine’s Collection.

Happy V-Day, lovers.

For the travel lover

Always the first person to send you cheap flight deals, the self-proclaimed tour leader of the group and the person who makes you jealous with their #TravelGoals Instagram feed. These gifts are for them. 

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For the fitness lover 

The person who believes the gym isn’t just for January, they’re always in the know about the latest fitness trend – goat yoga? They’ve tried that. These are the gifts for them.

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For the earth lover

The person who makes considered choices, who was vegan before it was cool and can tell you the best vegan treats that taste amazing. These gifts are for them. 

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For the lover of all things sparkly

The person whose eyes widen at the sight of something glistening (in other words, the human version of a magpie). For them, a little sparkle is never enough. These gifts are for them.

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For the lover of self-love

The person whose cupboard is always stacked with facemasks, who will remind you to take time for yourself and is always up for a night in with movies and snacks. These gifts are for them.

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We’ve had a makeover, fancy a sneak peek?

Our Accessorize stores in Fulham and Southampton have had a makeover and (if we don’t say so ourselves) they’re looking pretty fancy!

What’s New?

Think of our new stores like a ‘modern bazaar’ – an inspiring place to explore, full of things we know you’ll love. 

It’s a new look and feel designed by our savvy-shopper team who have created a space to make your shopping experience with us even better.

It’s a more modern and fresh look and feel, think: brass, marble and stone. In other words #InteriorGoals. 

Sip & Style

To keep the excitement high now that our Grand Opening Weekends are over, we’ll be running Sip & Style evenings in both Fulham and Southampton, weekly from Thurs 20th Feb. Pop in store 4-7pm on your way home from work for prosecco (do you see a theme emerging here?) and product-focused styling sessions! 

Store locator:

Store Stylists

Not only are the new stores a dream to visit, but you can also get quality advice from our store staff who are qualified Stylists, trained by the London College of Style. 

Our unique training programme means our team know the coolest products and the trends you have to shop now; say hello to Spring/Summer micro bags and stacked jewellery! They can also make sure you pick the right colours for your skin tone, the perfect gift for your Mum (Mother’s Day is 22nd March, everyone!) or the ideal slides to stack in long locks.


Discover the new season essentials you’ll also find in store.