Accessorize 2018 Vision Board: Live Your Best Life

2018 is finally here – and we wanna make this year the best one yet. But forget about rigid resolutions and rules that are all about change because we think it’s high time that we celebrated everything that makes you the total babe that you already are. This year, go for growth over #goals and see what *you* can achieve, whether you’re trying something new, travelling the world or simply spreading more good vibes. Wanna know how to stay on top of your game? Enter the vision board…


So, What Exactly is a Vision Board?

Visualisation is one *the* most powerful things that we can do to conceptualise our hopes and wishes, stay motivated and help us become the best version of ourselves – and that’s where vision boards come in. Made up of inspiring images and quotes (and basically whatever else takes your fancy), these must-have mood boards aim to represent what you want to be, do or have in your life. But more importantly, they’re designed to focus on how you want to feel – and keep you positive from now till the finish line.

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Share Your Vision Board with Us!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be asking our fave blogger babes and Insta-crushes to create and share their vision boards with us – meaning there’ll be more than enough inspiration to keep you motivated in January and beyond. Wanna get in on the action? Make your own vision board, upload it onto Insta and tag @Accessorize – and tell us what you wanna achieve for 2018.