10 Best Moments from Love Island 2018

Wait, what? It’s the Love Island final already? Another marathon season is drawing to a close and just like last year, we literally don’t know what we’ll do without it. Join us in some reminiscing with our top ten best moments from Love Island 2018… *wipes away tears*.


1. Rosie vs Adam: Round 1

Yep, the Rosie and Adam era of Love Island feels like forever ago, but this showdown is still just as epic. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing a bad boy be taken down a peg, and with all her sass and dramatics Rosie was the perfect candidate. You go, girl.


2. When Jack and Dani made it official

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They’re the strongest and longest-running couple in the villa and have pretty much had us smiling every episode: our Jani obsession is very real. That being said, when Jack asked Dani to be his official girlfriend there were hearts melting all across the country. This is what this show was made for, people.


3. When Josh walked in with Kaz

Oh, Josh. While we’re seriously crushing on him and Kaz as a couple now, we’ve never felt so tense as when he walked in from Casa Amor with her.  The look on Georgia’s face still has us squirming with awkwardness – talk about savage.


4. THAT kiss between Georgia and Jack

Whether you’re Team Jack or Team Georgia, there’s no denying how much controversy they caused with THAT kiss. Did he go for a cheek peck? Did she try to lock lips? We’ll let you decide…


5. When Samira left for her man

Samira Mighty is the unofficial queen of the villa this season – never has a contestant stayed truer to herself. Waiting it out for Mr Right to walk in seemed borderline hopeless until Frankie turned up at Casa Amor – and then was torn away in a shock dumping. Leaving the show to pursue their relationship just made us love her even more.


6. Every time the boys free-styled

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Two months in one villa is sure to drive anyone crazy, and we can’t help but LOL at how the boys kept everybody entertained. From New Jack’s hilarious raps to the serenades of Wes, Josh and Old Jack, we were in stitches at these freestyled tracks.

7. Laura’s face in the lie detector challenge


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To say Laura Anderson had a rough ride in the Love Island villa is a total understatement, so naturally we were begging for this girl to catch a break. When she got given the majorly awkward task of questioning Jack in the lie detector challenge (nice one, producers) her smugness at his ‘LIE’ answers had us cracking up big time. It’s all about the little wins.


8. The boys’ baby obstacle course

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Love Island 101: never commit to a boy until you’ve seen how they cope with the baby challenge. While New Jack’s adoration for baby Aubrey was too cute for words, some of the lads fared a little worse. We’re looking at you Dr Alex for throwing your kid out the pram – possibly one of the funniest moments ever.



9. When Alexandra’s mum roasted Dr Alex


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Hell hath no fury like a mamma scorned. No one wants to see their baby girl get dumped by a boy – let alone on national TV – so it’s no surprise Alexandra’s mum laid into Dr Alex on meet-the-parents day. Our favourite? “You’re not nearly as red in the flesh as sometimes it comes across on TV.” Cutting.


10. When Georgia was #loyal


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First things first, she’s the realest. The best memes from the entire series are all down to Ms Keeping-him-on-his-toes herself, Georgia Steel. We’re unsure of exactly how many times she managed to squeeze the word ‘loyal’ into a sentence, but we’re pretty sure there aren’t enough hands in the entire cast to count. She managed to half live up to her rep, right?