5 Birthday Gifts for Scorpio

Hold tight – Scorpio season has arrived. As of Tuesday 23rd October 2018, the Sun has moved into Scorpio, joining Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, ready to ignite our passions and infuse courage until 21st November. Join us as we explore the mysterious depths of the one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac, and discover our hand-picked gift edit for the Scorpios in your life…


About the Scorpio Sign


Secretive and enigmatic by nature, Scorpio brings us into the hidden, shadowy places of what makes us who we are.  Digging deep comes naturally to Scorpios, who love to reinvent themselves over and over again, allowing them to become the most self-aware and insightful soul that they possibly can be. Powerful, passionate and intense, they also come with seductive, magnetic personalities that are hard to ignore, and are known for being strong-willed, ambitious and brave in everything they set out to do.  As a water sign, Scorpios tend to be motivated by their emotions rather than logic or rationale, making them naturally intuitive, and in tune with the feelings and mood of others.


1. The Constellation Necklace


Available in premium gold- and platinum-plated metal, these necklaces from Z for Accessorize come with circular pendants that showcase Scorpius the Scorpion – the southernmost constellation of the zodiac, located near the centre of the Milky Way. Tiny, twinkling cubic zirconia embellishments add a sense of the ethereal to these keepsake jewels, making them a gorgeous gift idea for Scorpions.


2. The Scorpio Rings


Want more jewellery to match? Made from gold-tone metal, this stacking set comes with two rings: one with a sparkling constellation design, and the other with an orange stone embellishment, similar to that of a yellow topaz – the birthstone of November. The latter is said to its conduct its energy from Scorpio’s ruling planet, Pluto, and inspires clarity, concentration and clarity in the wearer.


3. The Scorpio Bracelet


Set on coloured cord, this star sign bracelet features a sterling silver disc with the Scorpio ‘M’ symbol, or glyph, depicting scorpion and its tail stinger. Deep, dark and mysterious, the Scorpion glyph expresses the intensity, depth and passion of those born under the eight sign of the zodiac wheel, while also alluding to their elusive nature.


4. The Birthstone Necklace


Looking for something a little more subtle? Crafted from gold-tone metal, this delicately-designed necklace comes with a simple disc pendant, embellished with a Swarovski crystal in the same golden glow of a yellow topaz – perfect for those celebrating November birthdays (the October birthstone necklace can be found here).


5. The Scorpio Keyring


For another gift inspired by the night skies, look to our star sign keyring. Designed in glossy gold-tone metal, this treasured find is engraved with the Scorpius constellation, representing the scorpion and its tail, and set with sparkling stones that lend a little luxe to the every day.


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