5 Birthday Gifts for Sagittarius

Re-emerge from the darkness – Sagittarius season (22nd November-21st December 2018) is upon us, inspiring us to explore, push boundaries and embrace our sense of adventure. Here, we delve into the inner workings of one the freest and fieriest signs on the zodiac wheel, and share the birthday gifts that the Sagittarius in your life is destined to love…


About the Sagittarius Sign


Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth and opportunity, the independent Sagittarius is driven by adventure and experience, and seeks enlightenment through new ideas, people and places. Optimistic, enthusiastic and inspiring, this fire sign possesses a positive and outgoing personality that makes them the life and soul of any party – and their energy is often contagious. Wise and philosophical, Sagittarius is full of knowledge and curiosity about the world, and is never one to shy away from sharing their opinions in deep, intellectual discussions. At times, they can come across a little too outspoken, blunt or reckless, although it’s important to remember that most of these behaviours are often inadvertent.


 1. The Constellation Necklace


Located in the centre of the Milky Way, Sagittarius is often represented as a centaur – a mythological half-man, half-horse – drawing a bow at the heart of Scorpius. Find the constellation depicted on our gold- and platinum-plated necklaces from Z for Accessorize, with cubic zirconia stones providing a touch of celestial sparkle.


2. The Sagittarius Rings


Whether you’re looking for jewellery to match or after an alternative to the above, these stacking rings make a beautiful birthday gift for Sagittarius. Plated in gold, this zodiac-inspired set features two designs: a sparkling constellation and a turquoise-effect stone embellishment. The latter is the birthstone for December and has been cited for its healing and protective powers.


3. The Sagittarius Bracelet


Set on coloured cord, this star sign bracelet features a sterling silver disc with the mythical centaur symbol – otherwise known as a glyph – which is said to represent Sagittarius’ optimistic outlook on life, as well as their ambitions to reach a higher spiritual ideal. A treasure-forever gift.


4. The Birthstone Necklace


Celebrating a birthday in December? Look no further than this birthstone necklace. It’s crafted from gold-tone metal and embellished with a sparkling blue crystal from Swarovski, emulating the colour of a turquoise. (You can find the birthstone necklace for November here).


5. The Sagittarius Keyring


Engraved with the constellation of the centaur, and embellished with tiny, twinkling stones, this gold-tone metal keyring makes a thoughtful gift for Sagittarius, encouraging them to keep exploring new horizons.

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