Empowering Women: Alex Pawlowska from Looking for Heroes

Introducing Empowering Women; our new series exploring positivity, self-love and individuality with some of the most inspiring women on our radar. First up, we speak to Alex Pawlowska, poet, storyteller and founder of Looking for Heroes, as she talks us through her past, present and future aspirations in our exclusive Q&A.  2019, we’re ready for you.


Tell us more about Looking for Heroes…

Looking for Heroes is a project dedicated to sharing empowering stories of everyday people. Everybody has something to share, something to teach and I love searching for people who dedicate their time to making the world a better place. I started the project when I needed more positivity and inspiration. I was struggling with depression and wasn’t willing to wait any longer for my dream of writing about people to come true. I picked up a camera and I started sharing stories that were important to me. I shared the light and strength that I saw in others as I was fighting my own internal battle.

The message behind the project is that we are all powerful, that we all matter and that even small actions can have a big impact. We should never give up on ourselves, our dreams and our vision of a better world. We should be our own heroes.


Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from within. I allow myself to slow down, I take a deep breath, and let my mind run wild. I give myself time to connect to who I am here to be. When I open my eyes, I often find that the answers to my questions were right there all along.



What are your goals for 2019?

This is the year for self-development. I want to love myself more. I want to show up fully with everything I have to say and share. I want to believe that I deserve everything I dream of, and that good things are coming.


How do you overcome negativity within yourself or from other people?

I give myself permission to feel whatever is coming up for me. I call it by its name and give it space to breath. If it’s anger, then I let it out. If it’s sadness, I make room to cry. If it’s other people’s energy, I imagine an invisible shield that is made of bright light and that doesn’t let any negativity come through. I also meditate or journal. I constantly work on myself and I always remind myself that I set the boundaries, that I have the power and that I am in charge of my own experience on earth.


Tell us about the pieces you’ve chosen…

I’ve chosen pieces that contain crystals and the moon symbol. The latter is especially important to me because I refer to myself as a Daughter of the Sun and the Moon in my poetry. Its influential power is associated with femininity, the energy of emotions and feelings. I’ve also chosen:


This symbolises the moon and female energy and is also a crystal for protection and balance when diving into the unknown.


A stone of self-discovery, intuition, grounding and transformation. This stone will help with getting in touch with yourself, connecting with your truth, with tuning in and discovering the song of your soul.

Aqua quartz

 A stone of communication and healing. It will help you speak your truth and to express yourself in a way that is aligned and loving.


This represents wisdom and life experiences. It is a stone with a calming effect that will help with everyday protection and self-love.


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