Street Style: &FINALLY at London Fashion Week

Introducing SS19, the street style way. See how Florrie Thomas and Anna Vitiello, fashion editors and creators of &FINALLY, are styling the season’s key looks and accessories as they take to the capital’s streets for London Fashion Week. For more inspiration, don’t forget to follow their full fashion takeover over on our Instagram.



Which trends are you most looking forward to wearing in SS19?

Florrie: This summer seems to be an extension of last summer in terms of trends (which we love as we hate the idea of fad trends that are ‘over’ after a season). This is music to our ears as we were all over the laid-back vibe of last summer. Shells, raffia, linen and all things woven seem to be very of-the-moment, as well as anklets, beaded earrings and long pendants. They’re all things we’ve loved for a long time so it’s great that they’re back.

Anna: Linen suiting, tailored shorts, woven bags, big shoulders and hair clips. Winter is really my season but when the weather warms up, I can’t wait to get into those lighter fabrics and summery textures.


Where do you go for fashion inspiration?

F: Like most people, Instagram is our go-to platform for inspiration. Whether it’s sending each other posts to use as references for shoots, discovering new brands or personally following accounts for inspiration on dressing, it really is full of fashion inspiration.

A: We’re also both avid Pinterest users. There’s so much incredible fashion on there and there’s nothing like a mood board to inspire your styling and ideas when creating content, be it for editorial or social.


*Hair clips coming soon.

Who are you favourite fashion influencers?

F: There are so many out there that provide so much inspiration! I love the Danish girls like Jeanette Madsen and Emili Sindlev for their sense of fun and ability to pair unexpected prints and colours together in a way that feels so fresh.

A: I’ll go by my most-saved because it would be impossible to choose otherwise. Evangelie Smyrniotaki has an eye like no one else on Instagram, and I love my girl Doina Ciobanu for the same reason. I also love so many of my friends for their personality that shines through their feeds: Xenia Adonts, Florrie Thomas, Chrissy Rutherford, Bettina Looney and Nina Suess. I check all their accounts regularly (especially if I don’t see them that often) because they genuinely inspire me.

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