Your Guide to Healing Stone Jewellery

Crystals are having a moment in the jewellery world. Believed to harness healing powers, these treasured stones have been growing in popularity with designers, with many making them the focal point of their creations. But whether you believe in their protective properties or are simply taken by all things sparkly, we’ve put together a quick guide to healing stone jewellery, featuring coveted pieces from our Z for Accessorize collection here’s what you need to know.




The rich blue colour of the sodalite stone is to have a calming effect on the wearer, helping to promote inner peace and logical thinking. Add its healing energy to your day through fashion-forward pendants, bracelets and hoop earrings, all plated in gold for a eye-catching contrast.


Green Aventurine


Known for its glistening green hue, the aventurine stone is often described as the ‘stone of opportunity’. It’s thought to be the luckiest of all crystals and its positive energy is associated with prosperity and boosting feelings of gratitude and optimism. We like the way its light, apple tone sits with both gold- and rose gold-plated metals.


Rose Quartz


Coloured in a delicate shade of pink, rose quartz is strongly linked with unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion, making it the perfect stone for hopeless romantics.  Bring the stone’s soft, healing energy into the everyday with pretty gold-plated designs – maximise its effect by wearing them all at once, for a more understated look, style your favourite piece separately.


Clear Quartz


One of the most iconic crystals of the quartz family, clear quartz – otherwise known as the stone of power – is believed to amplify energy and intention, as well as protecting against negativity. From delicate chain necklaces to drop earrings, find this iconic healing stone on some of our most precious pieces, each one plated in gold for a luxe finish.

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