Z for Accessorize: The Precious Metals Jewellery Guide

By now, you’ll know that our Z for Accessorize jewellery collection is packed with precious pieces – but what exactly is it that makes them so special? It’s all in the plating. Lending a high-gloss shine while adding durability, plating is the process of bonding a very thin layer of gold, rose gold or platinum over another metal. This gives it the look of solid gold or silver while eliminating the metal’s natural softness and weakness, resulting in jewellery box treasures that were made to be worn for years to come. Ready to find your new fashion favourites? Here are the precious metals to love now and always.


Here come the modern classics. Dreamt up in our London studio, these keepsake creations are plated in gold for understated glamour and set with semi-precious stones that’ll glisten under the sun and starlit skies. Expect to find delicate chain necklaces and hooped earrings with embellished geometric charms and, for a less structured look, stacking rings in varying designs provide an eclectic touch.

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Emulating the look and feel of real silver, these platinum-plated pieces are the ones we’ll be wearing from now till forever. Nodding to the nineties whilst still retaining that sense of contemporary cool, stand-out styles include chain drop earrings and pendants with small-cut cubic zirconia stones for that extra glamour and glow. After something a little more classic? Necklaces with cushion-cut pendants and sparkling rings make up the timeless treasures to add onto your outfit for every unforgettable

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Rose Gold

Rose gold is going nowhere – and these delicate designs prove it. From star-strewn rings and bracelets to necklaces with opulent sparkles, each piece from our Z for Accessorize collection is plated in beautiful blush-toned gold for a luxe feel. For curated maximalism, layer on your favourite finds all at once, creating a look that feels wholly unique to your personal sense of style.

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Crystals from SWAROVSKI®

Plated in gold or made from sterling silver (this refers to metals made from 92.5% pure silver and copper alloys), our Z for Accessorize collection also features precious pieces adorned with light-catching crystals from SWAROVSKI®. Crafted from quartz, sand and minerals (the exact proportions remain a closely-guarded secret) and precision-cut for a multi-faceted finish, these stones come in a variety of colours, from barely-there hues to dark, inky tones.

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