National Sisters Day Q&A with Sinead & Lauren Crowe

To celebrate National Sisters Day (5th August 2019), we’ve caught up with bloggers and biological BFFs Sinead and Lauren Crowe to talk all things siblings, style and Spice Girl dance routines…


Sum up your relationship in three words…

Sinead: She’s my bestie.

Lauren: True soul mates!


What’s the best thing about having a sister?

Lauren: Nothing compares to the bond you have with a sister; you can trust and rely on best friends or partners but until you have a sister you never know the next level of having somebody who’s totally there for you! Having a sister so close in age makes us best friends too.

Sinead: Always having someone on your side and someone you can bounce ideas off or talk to when you’re down or if someone upsets you. Someone you know that will always be there for you through the highs and lows. And stealing her amazing clothes!

What’s your favourite memory together?

Sinead: We used to make full-on, hour-long plays with Spice Girl dances and make our whole family sit down whilst we performed for them. I feel so sorry for my older sisters as they were teenagers at the time and must have hated it!

Lauren: As children we were partners in crime so it would be too hard to choose! As an adult it’s amazing that we do the same and get to experience so many incredible things together.


You both have a day off – how would you spend it together?

Sinead: Definitely lunch in my favourite place in Stamford, the Orangery Restaurant in Burghley House – it’s beautiful!

Lauren: A day off doesn’t really exist with us! When we are together, we always get more inspired by each other and can’t help but want to take pictures. My ideal day off is a day by the pool or beach but Sinead’s is probably a day at home with a puzzle!

How would you describe each other’s style?

Lauren: Sinead is a pro at making the high street look luxury! She’s the queen of effortlessly cool and simple style. She always manages to pull off super-casual looks and somehow look smart whereas I always think, “if I wore that I’d look like I’m off to decorate a house!”. But she pulls it off so well.

Sinead: Lauren’s a style chameleon. I love the silky fabrics she wears, and she has the most amazing range of Realisation Par dresses! But then she’ll also rock wide-leg jeans and a boyfriend t shirt; if she sees something and wants to wear it she will, she reminds me a bit of Carrie Bradshaw in that way.

If you could steal one piece from each other’s wardrobe what would you take?

Lauren: Sinead’s wardrobe is about eight times the size of mine so it’s really hard to choose, but how could I not grab all the Chanel and run?

Sinead: That’s a tough one. Probably her Louis Vuitton backpack or her daisy-print dress from Realisation Par. If I couldn’t choose, I’d just put the dress in the bag and make a run for it!


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