Design Stories: The Accessorize x CoppaFeel! Feel-Good Boutique

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month (1st – 31st October) we’re proudly supporting breast cancer awareness charity, CoppaFeel! by donating £20,000 of the profits from our exclusive feel-good boutique collection of products. Venture into the Accessorize design studio to discover more about the vision behind the range and the techniques used to create that eye-catching print…

The inspiration

“As a business that is predominately made up of women, providing accessories for women, it was a no-brainer to support such an amazing charity,” says Mary-Jane Ralston, Buying Manager at Accessorize.

“CoppaFeel! are so imaginative and light-hearted in the way that they aim to break the taboo surrounding talking about and checking your boobs (and pecs!) so an element of fun was very important to capture within our exclusive product range.”

“As a brand we design for girls and women of all ages, so it feels really important to support a charity that focuses on increasing awareness on something that touches almost all of our lives either personally, or through a friend or loved one. I now have a much greater understanding and how to check myself, and I think that our print symbolises that empowerment with a tongue-in-cheek edge.” – Georgie Chappel, Designer at Accessorize.

The design process

The print was developed in-house using a loose, illustrative style. “Abstract prints are big for AW19 anyway, and so this felt like a natural mix of artistic style, trend-influence and meaningful motifs,” explains Georgie.

Pink represents friendship, affection, harmony, emotional strength and inner peace, but it is the softer side of dominant, powerful red, so in the right shade it can still pack a punch. As well as being one of CoppaFeel!’s official colours (and pretty close to our very own brand coral!) the words ‘strength’ and ‘peace’ feel really relevant to this collection and the cause.

The collection

Once our in-house design team were happy with the scribbly ‘boob’ print, we printed it onto some of our best-selling pieces. The boutique collection includes three must-have bag shapes (a tote, wash bag and drawstring pouch), two delicate gold necklaces, a silk scarf, printed tee and cute motif keyring.

“I’m obsessed with the ‘pearly pair’ boobs necklace! Coincidentally there is a big trend in jewellery right now to feature faces and body parts, so this is the perfect piece to buy now and tick off a key trend whilst also supporting this fabulous charity.” – Mary-Jane Ralston, Buying Manager.

“2019 has been the year of the hair accessory, so our silk scarf looks likely to be a bestseller. The best thing is the versatility within this one single product – wrap it around your pony tail or weave into a messy bun. I also love the cute tee – it’s perfect with jeans for everyday.” – Georgina Chappell, Designer.

Education & empowerment

CoppaFeel! are the first breast cancer charity in the UK to solely create awareness amongst young people, with the aim of instilling the knowledge and tools they need to get to know their bodies. We admire the way they discuss and deliver a serious message in a light-hearted way, empowering us all to start healthy habits for life.

CoppaFeel!’s dream is that one day we can live in a world where ALL breast cancers are diagnosed at the earliest stage possible, at which treatments are more effective and survival rates are higher.

“Since working with CoppaFeel! I certainly feel more knowledgeable about checking my boobs and keep telling my friends to start doing so regularly. It’s really simple; cancer has no prejudices, it’s not embarrassed or self-conscious so why should you be?” – Mary-Jane Ralston, Buying Manager.

Getting to know your boobs could save your life – so sign up for a boob check reminder here and get hands on now!