Freshen Up Your Hair, No Hairdresser Needed

Just because you’re staying in, doesn’t mean your accessories (and hair) can’t stand out – so the most stylish members of Team Accessorize are sharing their styling tips.


First up, here’s Henna with 3 easy looks to keep your quarantine hair looking fresh.

zoom happy hour

Anyone else lost track of the Zoom happy hours, and meetings, they’ve attended?! We sure have. Look your best on your next call with little effort by taking inspo from Henna’s double clip look. Embrace your natural hair or go all out and curl your locks.

If you’re shying away from heat tools to give you hair a much-needed break, Henna suggests plaiting damp hair and leaving overnight. The next morning you’ll have dreamy waves.


garden glam

As warmer weather graces us with its presence we’re dreaming of the days where we’d dress up to head to the pub or the park. Instead of missing out, we’re popping on our favourite summer dresses and taming our manes with new season headbands. Bonus points for taking selfies like Henna, after all, the rare moments of glam need to be documented!


nine to thrive

First, we were asking if sweatpants were acceptable work attire and now we’re turning up to our desks in bikinis and activewear and calling it dressing up for work (hey, we put clothes on after all!)

Ensure your top half is fresh and fancy with an easy updo, complete with an on-trend scrunchie. The best part is this ’90s must-have takes the attention from the fact you haven’t washed your hair in a few days…


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