How To Look After Your Mental Wellbeing While At Home​

As we all adapt to the new normal we’re presented with, there’s no denying we are all feeling a little … weird. 

It’s totally ok to feel a bit overwhelmed and confused, which is why while we stay at home and make a new routine, we need to make sure we prioritise our mental health all day, every day, not just during mental health week. 

We’ve got you covered with top tips from our team. 


Practice mindful walking 

This combines walking with mindfulness and it helps you tune into your environment and the present moment – stopping you from walking on autopilot.

It’s pretty easy, start your walk by standing still for a minute and take in the environment around you, the smells, the sounds, the sights. Start walking and do this as you go, also thinking about the actual walking – how does your body feel. 

Most importantly, focus on your breath – deep and steady.

It can take a few days before you feel fully in tune, but it is an easy practice to master. There are also plenty of apps and podcasts that can help guide you through it!

Get into Journaling

Journalling is a great way to look after your mental health. Whether you use it as a way to write lists of things you love and want to achieve or as a time to reflect, it helps you recognise the things that are important to you.

Try with these prompts:

What are you grateful for?
How am I feeling?
How do you practice self-love?
Write a list of the things that make you happy – from big things to the smallest things.
What are some of your best memories?


Do at-home workouts

We all know exercise is key for our mental health. We love starting our day with yoga or pilates. Try and schedule it into your day, whether it’s morning yoga with the family or lunchtime Pilates class! Also, get creative for weights – filled drink bottles are handy, or cans, or wine bottles!


Drink plenty of water

At work, we tend to make more trips to the kitchen for a chat or to actually get a drink! At home, we tend to eat more … but can forget about drinking water. Grab yourself a bottle and keep it filled throughout the day. Plus, drinking water is great for your health and skin! 

Friendly faces

It’s also so important that you continue to talk to your friends and work colleagues. Set aside 15 minutes a day for a ‘coffee’ with a work friend or 30 minutes a night once a week to chat with your best friend.


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