Top 5 New Normal Accessories You Need

Phone, keys…face covering and anti-bac. Our ‘can’t leave the house without’ list has grown in light of current circumstances – and there are many new normal accessories that can make your new every day easy and stylish.


micro bags

Whether you wear it alone or pair with your other bags, a micro bag is as fashionable as it is practical. It’s also the perfect home for your face coverings and anti-bac, so you can just grab and go.


drink bottle

Whether you’re going to the hairdressers (finally) or getting a much-needed mani (yay) it’s important to take your own drink, so you may as well do it in a cool and eco-conscious way!



The number one thing we’re starting to learn is the less you can touch, the better. As most stores go cashless, it’s only necessary to have your cards with you – ideally easily accessible. 


comfy shoes

While comfort has always been important – yay for sports luxe – it’s even more necessary now as many of us opt for longer walks opposed to public transport. Put your best foot forward in comfortable sneakers and flip flops.


face coverings 

We’ve created a range of face coverings to keep you safe and stylish. Pick a pattern or colour that expresses your personality – matching accessories optional!


Wear it right 

Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser every time you put the face covering, snood or gloves on or off. Store them in a plastic bag until you wash them.


Use the ear loop ties to put the face covering on and off and avoid touching your face. Refrain from adjusting your mask once it’s on.


Remove safely by grabbing the glove at the wrist, avoiding touching your bare skin. Peel it away from the body and turn inside out. Remove the second glove by putting your fingers inside the glove at the wrist and peel away, turning it inside out.   

Looking to make your WFH style even cooler? We’ve got the accessories to make your Zoom’s more stylish.


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