Thank You For Helping Support The British Asian Trust

On Saturday 8th May we joined forces with Monsoon to donate 10% of all UK online sales to the British Asian Trust’s ‘Oxygen for India’ Emergency Appeal. 

Together we raised over £30,000 for Oxygen for India Emergency Appeal. We wanted to thank all those who made a purchase, helping make this possible and share with you an update from the British Asian Trust below. 

warning: this video shares some images that you may find upsetting  

It was incredibly important for our brands to support the British Asian Trust in raising money to purchase emergency oxygen to support the immense national demand during the COVID crisis. Over the past four decades, our brands have built a unique bond with communities in India, it is where our brands were born. Today, it continues to be where many of our products are crafted by our artisanal partners.  

Read more about the British Asian Trust’s mission here.