Top 10 Prom Looks from the Big Screen

Not gonna lie, prom night is our fave thing to come from across the pond. And being the biggest deal of like, your whole school life, the dress code has to be ‘pull out all the stops’, right? That’s why we’ve lined up some of our favourite prom looks from the big screen, here to give you all the inspiration for the fanciest night of the year. From Blair Waldorf to Cady Heron, these leading ladies do it just right.


1. Sam Montgomery in A Cinderella Story

While we’ll never fully understand how her Prince Charming couldn’t tell who she was *eyeroll*, Sam’s masquerade look adds a little mystery to her end-of-year dance. Angelic white + all the sparkles = fairytale.


2. Kat in 10 Things I Hate About You

For all her in-your-face attitude, Kat’s prom look was pared-back and totally nineties. With cami straps and a string of pearls, this chic get-up is one that’ll survive the family photo album rounds for years to come.


3. Cady Heron in Mean Girls

OK, Cady screwed up a lot during her time at North Shore High – but one thing she smashed was prom night. The track jacket isn’t exactly the glam look we had in mind, but everything about this Mathletes mash-up means she stuck to her true self, and that deserves a crown surely.


4. Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl

Blair’s prom dress had us on the edge of our seats even more than her jaw-dropping antics on Gossip Girl. Channelling all the couture vibes (only the best for Queen B, natch) her Marchesa gown has a total princess shape and opulent gold details.


5. Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

When you’ve got magic on your side, there’s no excuse not to be your best self at prom. In pretty pink with femme-fabulous ruffles, it seems like Hermione did some timeturner tricks to make her Yule Ball look feel so this-season.


6. Taylor in She’s All That

We weren’t a fan of  her nasty ways, but when it comes to Taylor’s prom look we’ve only got love. This ultra-glam gown is oh-so-extra, but on the biggest night in your high school calendar, why the hell not?


7. Eleven in Stranger Things

Forget slaying demodogs, the biggest scenes were on the dance floor for Eleven and Mike. In the ultimate ‘80s throwback, she rocks puff sleeves like a pro and ties things together with a belt that says ‘I don’t try too hard’.


8. Gabrielle in High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Amidst their freak-outs about graduating, Troy and Gabrielle managed to look like megastars for their final performance. This gorgeous mini puts a modern spin on prom dressing, and the pretty flower corsage adds a touch of the tradish.


9. Hannah, Emily, Spencer and Aria in Pretty Little Liars

They didn’t know who A was, but Hannah, Emily, Spencer and Aria took their A-game to prom with look-at-me dresses and moody black liner. These PLL huns chose floor-length styles for all the drama and had us totally transfixed.

10. Sandy in Grease

Summer lovin’ happened so fast, but Sandy’s prom dress has stayed an icon for the long run. Swishy layers and retro vibes make this cutesy frock perfect for Pink Lades in the making.


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