Natalie Glaze: My 2018 Vision Board

Congrats – you made it through the first few weeks of the 2k18. And no matter where you are with your new years’ resolutions, it’s always motivating to hear how our fave babes are getting on with theirs – especially when it comes to giving us that ‘lil boost we so need. So get ready to #LiveYourBestLife as we catch up with Natalie Glaze, UK food, fitness and travel blogger, and find out what she’s set her sights on for 2018.

My Vision Board



For me, 2018 is about adventure, exploring and creating beautiful memories. It’s about creativity and pushing my boundaries with my photos and projects which excite me. Doing more things with people who make me forget to look at my phone. Doing more things that make me happy like drinking tea, eating chocolate, swimming in the sea and buying more plants. Looking up more because the sky and buildings are beautiful. Seeing more sunsets. Moving for the love of movement and exercising because it’s great for my mind. 2018 is also going to be the year that I pick up more books I have been promising myself I would read. I want to have adventures but also get lost in the adventures that are books. 2018 is the year for happiness, love, creativity, movement… attempting to find a balance, making mistakes because we are all human, doing new things. 2018 like every year is the year I want to live my best life.


My Top Picks for 2018





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