10 Hair Accessories to Style Up Your Strands

Haven’t worn a hair accessory since primary school? Clear some space in your style line-up, stat. Jewel-encrusted barettes, super-sleek slides and all-glam grips are here to bring their A-game to SS18 and way beyond, making themselves known as the newest statement-makers on the block. Here are ten hair accessories to style up your strands.


1. Starburst Barette Hair Clip



2. Twinkle Barette Hair Clip | 3. Bead Cluster Barette Hair Clip
4. 2x Dahlia Hair Slides | 5. 2x Gem Hair Slides


6. Circle Inlay Barette Hair Clip



7. 2x Crystal Barette Hair Clips | 8. 4x Marble Hair Grips
9. Pearl Cluster Barette Hair Clip | 10. A Initial Hair Grips

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