4 Birthday Gifts for Capricorn

It’s time to take some time to reflect – Capricorn season (21st December-20th January) has arrived, calling on us to think about what we’ve learned over the past year. As we enter this period of deep contemplation, we’re inviting you to explore the most serious star signs on the zodiac wheel, as well as showing you the best birthday gifts that Capricorns are sure to treasure to years to come.


About the Capricorn Sign


Ruled by Saturn, the planet that brings structure and meaning into our world, Capricorns are realistic and grounded, thriving on order and a set way to do things. Ambitious, disciplined and driven, those born under the sign are self-confident and put their best efforts in achieving their goals – and have plenty of patience to see them through. Fiercely loyal to friends, family and loved ones, Capricorns are warm and trustworthy but can be cautious about who they let into their inner circle. As an earth sign, they tend to be very practical and dependable; however, this does mean that Capricorns are prone to stubbornness and often find it hard to compromise on certain values and principles.


1. The Constellation Necklace


The smallest constellation in the zodiac, Capricornus forms the image of a sea goat – a mythical creature with the tail of a fish. See it depicted on our premium plated necklaces from the Z for Accessorize jewellery collection, studded with cubic zirconia stones for subtle sparkle – guaranteed to satisfy Capricorn’s need for the finer things in life.


2. The Capricorn Bracelet


Crafted from sterling silver, this cord bracelet features the sea-goat symbol for Capricorn, represented by the hoof of a mountain goat and the tail of a fish. As a grounded earth sign, Capricorn is known for being hard-working and ambitious but its magical, mermaid-like tail serves to reminds us of the sign’s deeply creative and imaginative side.


3. The Birthstone Necklace


Celebrating a Capricorn birthday in January? Made from glossy gold-tone metal, this luxe necklace is embellished with a Swarovski® crystal in the same dark red hue of a garnet – the birthstone for January.

4. The Capricorn Keyring


Engraved with the mythical sea goat constellation, this gold-tone metal keyring is a gift that Capricorn will always carry with them. It’s set with tiny, twinkling gemstones, allowing them to add a little extra sparkle to the every day.


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