5 Treasure-Worthy Talisman Coin Necklaces

Introducing the Instagram jewellery trend that we can’t get enough of: talisman coin necklaces. Believed to hold magical properties which bring good luck to the possessor, as well as offering protection from evil or harm, these precious pendants carry meaning and sentiment, making them a perfect gift for a loved one or a wonderful treat for yourself. Made to be mixed, matched and layered, here are five treasure-worthy talisman coin necklaces that we’re coveting now, straight from the Z for Accessorize collection.


1. The Triangle Talisman


Made from three strong, unbreakable lines, the triangle is a symbol that’s usually associated with strength, as well as representing the four elements – air, earth, fire and water. Find it engraved on this gold-plated coin pendant, embellished with a glistening cubic zirconia gemstone, and finished with sunray edges.

2. The Lotus Talisman


A protective talisman worn by the ancient Egyptians, the lotus flower symbolises new beginnings, purity and enlightenment. Depicted with a delicate cut-out design, this pretty pendant is plated in gold, and comes with a cubic zirconia gem at its centre, creating subtle sparkle for both day and night.


3. The Lucky No. 8 Talisman


Eight is considered the luckiest of numbers in China, signifying success, happiness and wealth. Crafted from gold-plated metal, this coin pendant showcases the fortuitous figure with a twinkling halo of cubic zirconia gems, making it feel all the more special.


4. The Om Talisman


Representing universal peace, as well as the four stages of consciousness –  awake, dreaming, sleeping and trance – the Om symbol’s origins lie in ancient religions and spiritualist traditions. Carry it close with our gold-plated talisman necklace, featuring an engraved coin pendant strung on a delicate chain, and edged with cubic zirconia stones for a soft shimmer.


5. The Sun Talisman


The cosmic eye in the sky, the sun is said to represent positive energy, strength and rebirth, making it one of the most powerful symbols. Let its light guide you through the new year and far beyond with this twinkling talisman necklace, featuring a cut-out sunray design that’s plated in glimmering gold.

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