Best Friends Q&A with Amy Bell and Megan Ellaby

To celebrate strong female friendships, we asked fashion bloggers and real-life BFFs Amy Bell and Megan Ellaby to talk all things sisterhood and style in our exclusive Q&A. Here’s what they had to say…



Sum up your friendship in three words!

Amy: Lots of larrrfs!

Megan: Fun, colourful and adventurous.


What is your favourite memory together?

Amy: Oh my goodness, so many! We were in San Francisco last year and were in a taxi on our way to dinner when we drove past a venue that had a sign up to say the The Kooks were playing that evening – we had a manic ‘oh my God, shall we?’ chat, hopped out the taxi, ran over to the venue to buy some last-minute tickets and had one of the best, best nights together. Also going over the Golden Gate Bridge on an open top bus – I think I developed new abs because I was laughing so hard and have a fantastic photo of Megan looking like Jimmy Neutron that makes me chuckle every time I see it.

Megan: Exploring San Francisco together, we had the best time discovering a new city filled with tonnes of laughs, music and tired feet!


You both have a day off – how would you spend it together?

Amy: Ooh I reckon we’d start off with delicious brunch as we both love a good cafe, a wee photobooth (it’d be rude not to) and then meet the boys – they’ve also become good friends which is very romantic – for some drinks and food (my choice, I have so many allergies that nothing terrifies Meggy more than having to pick a restaurant!).

 How would you describe each other’s style?

Amy: What I love about Megan’s style is that there’s not one other person out there you can compare it to. There are so many influences in there that mix together to make that definitive ‘Megan’ look. I’d say bold, colourful, playful and badass.

Megan: Amy has one of the best wardrobes I’ve ever seen. Her style is always a little bit different every day. I would say she’s a little more girlie than I am with her love for crop tops and floaty, longer-length skirts but we both have that sixties touch from time to time. I also don’t know anyone who can accesorise the way she does – she’s the queen of accessories!



If you could steal one piece from each other’s wardrobe what would you take?

Amy: Oh, one of those wonderful Chloe bags fo’ sho’!

Megan: Amy has the most amazing burgundy faux shearling coat that I am OBSESSED with. I’d deffo like to nab that this winter.


Tell us about the Accessorize pieces you’ve chosen and why…

Megan: Hair accessories and gold jewellery aplenty, both of which I can’t get enough of this season. Beaded bags are also huge so I had to select one or two of those pieces from the new Accessorize collection. I’ve also been lusting over knot bags so it’s awesome to see one on the high street and it’s so damn cute and tiny.


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