Everything You Are: Sharon Hoyos-Martinez

Meet Sharon Hoyos-Martinez. Football enthusiast and all-round go-getter, Sharon lives life outside of the box by being true to herself. Whether commanding the football pitch or the dance floor, she proves that life can be as multi-faceted as you are.


What does a typical day look like for you?

I currently work in business administration at a sports law company. My job involves staying up-to-date with all the current sports news, so this definitely motivates me to keep active and healthy as I read up daily on inspiring athletes and their incredible stories. In the evening, I will either have football training, strength and conditioning training at the gym, boxing training (for my upcoming charity fight) or yoga. I like to mix my exercise up and not stick to one main sport because this causes injury, so I like to keep it varied to activate all parts of my body also because I get bored easily. If I’m not training, I’m probably socialising with friends (we usually catch up over a meal as I’m a huge foodie!) or going to gigs together.


Tell us about your passion…

I started playing football when I was about six years old. Just at school, it was something that I was naturally drawn to. I think I had a lot of energy and sports was the best way to release it. I used to be the only girl playing. I’d arrive at school early just to play. After playing at a decent level, I didn’t have enough support or opportunity to continue, and eventually ended up coaching around the world with Arsenal. This was an invaluable experience that showed me how influential football, and sport in general, can be, wherever you may come from. Then, I came back to London to study International Football Business and graduated with a first-class honours degree.



How does football make you feel?

Now that I look back, I realise football made me feel free. It allowed me to express myself creatively on the pitch both physically and mentally. I realised it was a form of escapism from reality, when I was playing or training, I was solely focused on the present, nothing else matters at least for that hour or two. Don’t get me wrong – it can be very frustrating when you don’t win or perform at your best but that’s all part of it. You learn to bounce back. Playing in a team is something I really enjoy; you’re constantly striving for a goal together and this makes you feel part of something important.



Talk us through your style…

Original, mix of classic and new. London street, sporty chic. I usually dress for the occasion, I enjoy glamming up too, but if it’s not me, I won’t wear it. I think you are able to see both my feminine and tomboy nature in the way I dress. During weekdays, I can’t really wear jewellery because of training but on the weekend, you’ll probably catch me with like six rings and three necklaces!


What makes you feel like you?

I love accessories: hats, sunglasses and jewellery. I love details and think one item makes an outfit. I feel naked without my rings, and on a night out you’ll probably catch me wearing hoops – classic Latina. I love music and I am quite varied when it comes to genres. Dancing salsa really makes me feel alive. I grew up waking up to noise and music (my family is Colombian) so it’s a big part of me. Growing up in London, I’m also into hip-hop and grime and love working out to hype music – I get so gassed. Give me great music, sport and food and I’m a happy Shaz.



What advice would you give to your younger self?

Enjoy the process, enjoy the journey. Don’t care what others say or think. Authenticity is everything and being your truest self is the best way to shine.


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