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5 of the Cosiest Winter Accessories

If there was one word to describe our cold-weather dressing mood it would be cosy and that’s why we are all about these winter accessories. 

 Whether you’re meeting friends for an outdoor hang or popping to the shops for some essentials, these accessories will make you feel like you’ve made an effort to leave the house.


Bucket Hats & Berets

Lockdown 1.0 was defined by Tiger King, lockdown 2.0 saw Emily in Paris take over Instagram, group chats and fashion searches. The good news is we have plenty of bucket hats and berets to make sure your look is très chic (and anything but basic!) 

Hats off to Paris


Blanket Scarves

We get it, making plans with friends at the park or beer garden mid-winter is … unheard of. But new rules & regulations means getting creative and it also means making sure you’re warm – enter, the blanket scarf. Cute for the commute and then cosy for the destination. 

Find your wrap star



Never did I ever think I’d have a meeting with my CEO in my slippers, but, in a recent Zoom meeting, each and every one of us admitted to having our slippers on. Better do it in style then, right?

Slip into something comfy


Leopard, anything

Not an accessory as such, but this wild child is not going anywhere. From bags and scarves to need-to-have face coverings leopard is without a doubt our best seller.

Take a walk on the wild side


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What is gold vermeil (and why are we obsessed?)

At Accessorize we’re all about offering you on-trend pieces that can be stacked and styled to show off your unique style. The latest ‘we want one of each’ arrival is our collection of gold vermeil. 

What is Gold Vermeil?

Gold vermeil (ver-may) is a century-old technique that gives you the look of solid gold, without the price tag! Think, a level up from gold plating. 

A thick layer (minimum of 3 microns) of 14k gold is applied over sterling silver to create forever favourites. 

It’s becoming more and more popular as IT-girls and fashion houses alike look for on-trend, and affordable, gold jewellery. 

So, why are we (and everyone else) so obsessed?

Not only do these pieces last the seasons, but they are the kind of things you can wear every day for an effortlessly cool look. Think, Zoom meeting in 2 minutes and you’ve snoozed your alarm 3 times … simply pop your hair in a top knot, drape on a chain and stack up some earrings – done! (No one will know you literally crawled from bed to your desk). 

The ease is just one of the reasons we love gold vermeil, of course. We are also all about that extra luxe feeling, cause we all deserve that! This range features semi-precious white topaz stones – shine bright like a diamond without the price tag!

So, enough talking. Because these pieces can convince you themselves!

Wear it everywhere, every day. Whether you’re after simple studs, hoops or chain – there’s that. We’ve also got the coveted initial necklaces (perfect gifts, right?!)


If you’re looking shine bright like the night sky, our celestial-inspired pieces are the perfect fit. 

Shop the collection


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Learn more about our luxe Z by Accessorize collection
Discover our Z Healing Stone range
Master the layered necklace look (perfect for the Z chains!)

Z by Accessorize: Our luxe jewellery collection

We’re completely obsessed with our new Z by Accessorize collection (and we think you will be too!)

You know all those chunky chains and curated ear looks you see on Instagram? We’ve got those pieces so now you can express your personal style through on-trend, quality pieces.

Featuring gold-plated pieces with semi-precious, this is a collection you’ll want to get – quick!

All of the beautiful pieces are brought to life by luxury jewellery designer Zara Simon.


First things first, the one piece everyone should have in their collection – a stunning, ‘where did you get that’ chain. And oh do we have the chains, all of the chains. 

Get your hands on a hero pieces – and once you start, you’ll be ready to layer up. Master the layered necklace look (perfect for the Z chains!)


Someone’s calling, it’s your friends asking where you got all those super cute rings from … I know, I know, cheesy (but true!). 

A personal favourite for me, a chunky ring on a middle finger and then stacking thinner rings on your other fingers (don’t forget a little sparkle!)


Our Z by Accessorize earrings offer the perfect pairs for upping your ear game. Achieve the Instagram-adored look by following 2 very simple rules.

ONE: more is more. Don’t be afraid to stack ’em up!
TWO: Mix chunky hoops and delicate studs.

Why not pop into one of our piercing parlours to really take it a step further. 


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Learn more about the Z vermeil range
Discover our Z Healing Stone range


Change & Check This Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Somehow it’s already October and that means Pumpkin Spice Lattes, darker nights and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

While we encourage getting up close and personal with breast checks all year round, this month we are taking part in the Change & Check campaign. This life-saving campaign is all about learning what changes to check for (hence the name!)

It was set up by Helen Addis (also know as @thetittygritty), who is the Features Editor for Lorraine ITV, after her own experience being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

Change & Check

Helen discovered people didn’t really know what to look for when they were checking their breasts, so she created a handy guide which you can download here  – don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.

Dr Hilary has also shared his step-by-step guide to checking your breasts – you can watch via the ITV website.

Signs and symptoms to look for:

Visible changes in shape or size.
Skin changes such as; dimpling, puckering or rash around the nipple.
Lumps or bumps.
Bloody discharge from the nipple.

How to check:

Sit comfortably in front of a mirror with hands on your hips so chest muscles are relaxed.

Firstly, look at the contour of the breast to check that it matches on each side and see if there is any puckering or dimpling.

Look for any change in the nipple such as a rash, indrawing or pulling in.

Look for any skin change all around the nipple.

Using the fingers of your left hand to examine the right breast, walk your middle three fingers around the breast. You’re feeling for any abnormal lumps or bumps or any irregularity that hasn’t been there before.

Divide the breast into four quarters.

Start on the inner upper quarter, walking those fingers around the breast.

Do the same on the lower inner quarter and then across to the lower right quarter and then the upper right quarter.

Walk fingers up to the tail of the breast in the armpit.

Walk your fingers back to the areola around the nipple.

Repeat steps above on the left breast, using your right hand to do so.

Dr Hilary advises that menstruating women check their breasts following their period each month. For menopausal and post-menopausal women, pick a date each month that suits you.

If you notice anything unusual, see your doctor or nurse as soon as possible. Early diagnosis could mean a better chance of successful treatment.

Your Guide To Healing Stones

Crystals and healing stones have been used for years – inspiring and encouraging wearers to take what they need for a happier and healthier life. Though there is no scientific backing, their popularity continues to rise and it’s no surprise they’re called for everyday wear – enter, healing stone jewellery.

Instead of carrying crystals or healing stones around in your pockets, you can wear them on your sleeve – literally. 

Accessorize healing stone jewelleryPart of our Z by Accessorize collection, our healing stone jewellery range features beautiful semi-precious stones in gold-plated rings, necklaces and bracelets. 

Each stone is believed to have its own healing abilities for the mind, body and soul. Whether that’s promoting the flow of good energies, such as love, courage and strength or the support to face negative energy, such as change, fear and general negativity. 

Whether you think it’s ‘woo-woo’ or worthy of time and space in your collection – there’s something nice about having extra special meaning behind your jewellery. And at the moment, we could all do with a little extra support of good energy, right?!

that healing stone feeling


This stone encourages prosperity, well-being and good luck.

rose quartz

This stone symbolises unconditional love, emotional healing and compassion.


This stone inspires motivation, endurance and courage.



This stone symbolises creativity, empathy and positive thinking.


Coming in blue or grey, this stone inspires change, strength and perseverance.

black onyx

This stone encourages patience, determination and the blocking of negativity.

Just in case you wanted a little extra mindful love, the bracelets in our collection feature charms that help balance your chakras (the main energy centres of the body). Learn more about them here.



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5 ways you can spark positive change​

In times of great uncertainty, it’s even important to go the extra mile for yourself and others. To bring a little brightness to the day or make a difference. 

We asked our team some of the things they do – or have had done for them – that make them feel like they’re sparking a positive change.

message a friend 

“A few weeks ago I received a message out of the blue from a friend telling me how much she appreciated me. It was like a modern-day love letter and it made me feel so grateful for the people in my life.”

Let your girls and guys know how much they mean to you with a simple message. We’ve even started some for you!

I appreciate you because …
I’ll never forget that time we …
Thank you for always …


learn something new

“I recently taught myself how to do macrame – it’s so relaxing and you get some cool pieces afterwards. It made me appreciate all of the things my Gran knitted me so much more, the time those ‘ugly’ jumpers must have taken …”

Learning something new is not only fun (and educational, obviously), but it can also give you a new appreciation and outlook on life.

Grab your besties and pick up a new book, shop for some new crafts, listen to a new podcast or sign up for an online course!


recycle used accessories

“Like most of us, I have a lot of accessories…while most are used season after season to update my look, there’s been times I don’t want them (or can’t fit them in my collection) anymore. I’ve started to donate these pieces,  it made me feel good knowing I’d given the accessory a new life and made a conscious choice!”

You can pop into your local Accessorize to donate your used accessories and will send them to New Life


buy some plants

“I became a new plant mum during lockdown and bringing nature inside has made a massive difference to A) the look of my room and B) how I feel –  indoor plants have proven health benefits  – plus it’s satisfying keeping them alive!” 

Studies have shown plants can boost mood, productivity, concentration and creativity – all of which are so important now that our homes have become our offices. Best get shopping.


send a surprise gift to someone

“The doorbell went one day and the postie handed me a parcel I wasn’t expecting (I originally thought I’d ordered it in my last shopping spree and forgotten…) But it was a gift from my bestie. It brightened my mood for the rest of the day and was nice knowing she’d seen something and thought of me.”

Give your friends or family some excitement and send them a special gift. The more personal and thoughtful, the better – think a zodiac necklace or initial jewellery. Plus, science has actually proven we get great pleasure from giving, and we feel even happier when spending money on others. Win-win!


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Leather Sandal Styles You’ll See Everywhere

Summer love like Sandy and Danny in Grease rarely exists, but that’s ok, we’ve found our summer sole-mate with these leather sandals.

Simple yet stylish. Comfy yet cool. These sandals tick the boxes of plenty of 2020s sandal trends – from a pastel hue to strappy and sophisticated styles. They’re a fashion-forward take on your go-to shoe of the summer, the flip flop. They’re easy to slide on but look just as at home on the beach as they do in the office or out for dinner. 

These leather sandals will make sure you step out in style.

Working on your tan

Whether you’re channelling J-Lo in the Leaf Print Belted Swimsuit or embracing the neutrals trend with the Tiered Maxi Dress, The Seville Twist Tan Sandals are the ideal pair (sorry, shoe puns are just too easy!)


Knot your average leather sandal

One pair of shoes, two stylish outfits. The Perth Pink Sandals make the Beach Shirt Dress effortlessly chic,  while dressing up the Off-Shoulder Cotton Dress ready for a night of dancing. 



Slide into summer

Whether it’s a scorching day or a cooler evening, The Seville Twist White Sandals will complete any look.  Explore the beach, or the city during a staycation, in comfort in the Wide Leg Beach Trousers. Then, take them for an evening stroll with the Puff-Sleeved Polka Dot Maxi, perfect for a night of Italian cuisine. 


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Mix it up with the top 5 accessories for summer

Our Website’s Had a Makeover

While you’ve all been begging for hairdressers and nail salons to reopen, we’ve been having a freshen up ourselves and we’re excited to share our fresh new site with you – explore the new-look site now.

An absolute beauty, the new site has everything you loved about the old one and a few bits that will make your shopping experience even better.

Shopping online got even more fun


See how many Treats points you’ll earn from each purchase.


See the new item you’re going to buy from every angle!


Search for exactly what you want to complete your outfit, from polka dot bags to pearl hair clips.

Share what you buy with #Accessorizers and you could be featured in our weekly and monthly outfit-inspiration rounds ups!


Explore the new-look site

Top 5 New Normal Accessories You Need

Phone, keys…face covering and anti-bac. Our ‘can’t leave the house without’ list has grown in light of current circumstances – and there are many new normal accessories that can make your new every day easy and stylish.


micro bags

Whether you wear it alone or pair with your other bags, a micro bag is as fashionable as it is practical. It’s also the perfect home for your face coverings and anti-bac, so you can just grab and go.


drink bottle

Whether you’re going to the hairdressers (finally) or getting a much-needed mani (yay) it’s important to take your own drink, so you may as well do it in a cool and eco-conscious way!



The number one thing we’re starting to learn is the less you can touch, the better. As most stores go cashless, it’s only necessary to have your cards with you – ideally easily accessible. 


comfy shoes

While comfort has always been important – yay for sports luxe – it’s even more necessary now as many of us opt for longer walks opposed to public transport. Put your best foot forward in comfortable sneakers and flip flops.


face coverings 

We’ve created a range of face coverings to keep you safe and stylish. Pick a pattern or colour that expresses your personality – matching accessories optional!


Wear it right 

Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser every time you put the face covering, snood or gloves on or off. Store them in a plastic bag until you wash them.


Use the ear loop ties to put the face covering on and off and avoid touching your face. Refrain from adjusting your mask once it’s on.


Remove safely by grabbing the glove at the wrist, avoiding touching your bare skin. Peel it away from the body and turn inside out. Remove the second glove by putting your fingers inside the glove at the wrist and peel away, turning it inside out.   

Looking to make your WFH style even cooler? We’ve got the accessories to make your Zoom’s more stylish.


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3 Ways To Wear Pearl Jewellery

We’ve been obsessed with pearl jewellery from the moment we dressed up with our mum’s string of pearls as a child. Once a classic look worn by royals or at 1920s dress-ups, pearls have found their place in modern jewellery boxes. And they aren’t going anywhere!

The pearl is sophisticated, stylish and timeless. They’re ideal for embracing effortless dressing.

Whether you adorn your locks with pearl clips or make the classic pearl necklace look your own, there are countless ways to embrace this oh-so-cool trend. 


classically chic pearls

Pearls had a reputation of being the kind of piece your nana dons with her Sunday best – nana was a trendsetter! Now they’ve had a modern makeover, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the classic side of the look. Think elegant studs, simple slides and one show-stopping pearl pendant.  


modern muse

Welcome to the new era of pearls – where simple strings have had a makeover. Pearls are now adorning any and every piece in our collection, from statement Baroque pearl earrings in our Z range, with gold-plated finishings, to stylish options that embrace more is more.


crowning glory

Last year was the year of the pearl hair clip – a fresh blow dry with a single pearl clip and you were set. While that’s still a popular choice – one we don’t see going anywhere anytime soon – this season it’s all about more. Whether that’s bold pearl headbands or stacks of pearl style. Don’t be shy, add more!

 Get styling inspo from our hair series.



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5 Of The Best Summer Accessories Of 2020

Looking for some new summer accessories to brighten up your wardrobe? We’ve been watching Instagram, parks and SS20 runways and it’s pretty clear these are the best and brightest trends of summer 2020.

Whether you’re planning a staycation, looking forward to a simple pint in the pub or making your backyard tanning next-level cool, you need these summer accessories.

Straw hats & visors 

Sunsmart and stylish, a straw hat is a perfect way to achieve effortless summer glam, that’s a little House on the Prairie and a lot it-girl. Fancy something different? Try a visor – it’s a ’90s trend we didn’t expect to see again and now are obsessed with, of course. 


Shell necklaces 

Remember the days of collecting shells on the beach and threading them onto whatever ribbon/chain/rope you could find? Well here’s the grownup version of that, the ultimate beach babe look. We’ll be wearing all the shell jewellery we possibly can to make us feel like we’re on a tropical beach.


Cat-eye sunglasses

They’re cool, they’re sunsmart and they really don’t seem to be going anywhere. Cat-eye sunglasses are an easy way to bring effortless style to your look while getting a dose of vitamin-D. Pick the perfect pair for you in different colours and sizes. 


Bucket hats

If you’d told me a few years ago that I’d be coveting a polka dot bucket hat, I would have laughed at you. A style I had put in the ‘only looks cute on kids’, bucket hats are now the summer accessories must-have (and I want one too!)


Straw totes

What else yells ‘summer’ like a straw tote, jammed with your suncream, chick-lit and beach towel…answer: nothing! So, while summer plans may look different – bring the spirit of beach getaways and coconut smelling sunscreen with a straw tote. 


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An Update For Our Accessorize Community

We’re open for business as usual online and we look forward to welcoming you into our re-opening stores soon – see when your store is opening here.

You can continue to use your gift cards or Treat points to shop.

We’ve also made shopping online even easier with free delivery on orders over £30 and an extended return policy.

Please sign up to our newsletter to keep in touch with any updates.

Just so you know

We just wanted to let you we’ve been working behind the scenes and have reorganised our business with a new ownership structure. We’re trading as normal and this will not affect our lovely customers like you because we’ll continue to sell the accessories you love.

Coronavirus and Store Reopenings

At Accessorize, we put community first, which is why we temporarily closed our UK and ROI stores.

We miss your smiling faces and from mid-June, we’re planning to start opening stores in accordance with Government guidelines.

You can stay up to date with information on where and when we will be opening here.

Ahead of reopening, here’s what you can expect when shopping in-store with us:

  • – Limit on how many people can be in store
    – Signage to help maintain 2 metre social distance with screens at the tills
  • – We kindly request items are not tried on, any that are will be placed in isolation for 72 hours
  • – Deep clean at both the start and end of the day
  • – Touchpoints cleaned every 30 minutes and till points cleaned after each customer
  • – Sanitiser available for all customers and staff
  • – Our preference is for cashless payment, with a new limit of £45 for contactless card payments
  • – Piercing parlours will remain closed until government guidelines change. 

While we are certain these changes will keep you safe, this is just the beginning. We will adapt these measures as the situation changes.

Your Queries

Unfortunately, our customer service team has been severely disrupted by Coronavirus, which has left us with a very small team answering emails.

If you can’t find the answer to your query on this page or within our FAQs and need to email us please understand our team’s response will be delayed.

We kindly ask you avoid sending additional emails unless requested and thank you for your patience.


Our distribution centre is open and we’ve employed enhanced measures to keep our staff safe, from ensuring staff are two metres away from each and reducing the headcount for each shift, to allowing an hour to clean between shifts and providing extra soap and hand sanitiser.

Due to these enhanced hygiene and social distancing measures, we’re experiencing some delivery delays:

Standard delivery please allow up to 7 days

For fastest delivery possible (1-2 days), please choose next day delivery and order before 8pm.

Click and collect is not available while stores are closed.

Customers with click and collect order waiting in stores will be contacted when their local store reopens.


We’ve extended our returns policy during this time.

–        In-store purchases: You will have up to 14 days after store reopen. We will honour any late returns in line with the other terms in our returns policy. Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase. Unfortunately, our warehouse is unable to accept and process refunds for in-store purchases

–        Online purchases: We’ve extended the returns period to 60 days due to the impact Coronavirus is having on our customers’ ability to return items.

Refunds are usually processed within 14 days of being returned to the DC. We do ask that you allow for this time as we are operating a reduced warehouse operation and retain your return tracking information before contacting our Customer Services team.

If you have any other questions regarding returns and refunds please see our FAQ page 


We’re accepting gift cards as a payment option, but we’re not currently selling new gift cards.