A Mother’s Musings: Katie Impey

left: a women with a spotted headband. Right a women in a spotted headband and two children with pearl clips and heart sunglasses

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we spoke to three inspiring women about motherhood, their careers and their top styling tips, of course.

left: a women with a spotted headband. Right a women in a spotted headband and two children with pearl clips and heart sunglasses

Katie Impey is a mother of two, Isabella (9) and Charlotte (3). She’s a Creative Director and Stylist. 

Katie, what is the best advice your mother ever gave you?

To lead by example. She was the head of our family in every way, strong, kind and the most generous person I have ever known. If I can be half the mum she was I’m doing OK.

They say it takes a village, why is it important for you to have a community to help you raise your family?

It’s especially important for me as I lost my biggest support, my Mum, in April last year. I absolutely could not have got through this last year without help and support of others, it meant I can keep juggling all those balls, even at the most difficult time.

How does being a mother make you feel empowered?

Just the fact that you grew another human inside you is empowering in itself and will never not blow my mind! Then to give birth and raise those little humans and guide them through life as well as navigating your own, it can be tough, but the most rewarding thing you will ever do.  

Tell us a bit about your career? 

I started out in events before moving on to marketing  & PR. I was made redundant after I had Isabella, but I ended up landing my dream job as a fashion PR. I gradually progressed to a Creative Director role and last year I took the jump to freelance as an Art Director and Stylist.  

How have other women empowered you and helped you succeed in your career?

My Step Nan Liz is a huge inspiration to me, she has always worked, even while raising her children, first as a nurse, and went on to be a director at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, she is still working now in to her 70’s but has always maintained the balance of career and motherhood.

A group of mothers and their children dressed in Accessorize accessories

Living an on-the-go life with kids, how do you refresh everyone’s outfits with accessories? 

We love a hair accessory around here!  Bows, headbands, clips bring a bit of fun to any outfit.  I also think accessories are a great compromise to let them think they’re styling themselves.  


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Together We Can: International Women’s Day with Accessorize

Here at Accessorize, we honour strong women all day, every day. As a brand by women, for women, we’re proud to celebrate the move toward a more equal world – which just so happens to be the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day

[ All images in this post were found on Pinterest and are not owned by Accessorize! ]

So, as we champion change toward a more gender-equal world, what does International Women’s Day mean to our team?

Kathleen Mitchell
Accessorize Brand Director

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to recognise the trailblazers that came before us and identify the remaining inequalities that persist. Thankfully the role of women in work and in the world has evolved tremendously since I left university, but we still have work to do!

My entire career has been spent at companies that are for and by women and working with mostly female teams and customers has been my absolute privilege. 

Julia Beal-Preston
Accessorize Marketing Director

It’s about recognising inequality and restoring the balance of power in every aspect of women’s lives.

At work, it’s being heard and respected the same way as men. As a mum, it’s raising a daughter and a son who both feel they can achieve the same goals, both respect everyone the same way and both feel worthy.

Every day it’s empowering females and males around me to ensure equality this the norm rather than a ‘thing’.

International Women’s Day is also a day to re-brand feminism, moving away from the stereotypical idea of women’s rights. It’s all of our responsibility to teach society equality and kindness.

It’s about equal respect regardless of gender. 

Daniel Shocklidge
Learning & Development Manager

International Women’s Day is about recognition, celebration, and empowerment; it’s a chance to recognise all women, give a spotlight to those who might not always get it when they deserve one, and lending my own voice to theirs.

Harriet Poppleton
International Director

It’s a day to reflect on achievements and progress that’s been made in creating equal opportunities around the world.  We have a long way to go but the wave of change has most certainly started and there is an opportunity to ride it, so don’t waste it!  

It’s also a chance to give thanks for not only all the women around the world but more importantly those that make up your world!  


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A Mother’s Musings: Portia Prince

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we spoke to three inspiring women about motherhood, their careers and their top styling tips, of course.

Portia Prince is a mother of Ngaire (1) and a full-time model living in London. 

Portia, what does motherhood mean to you? 

It’s meant a lot of growth, patience and more rewarding that I could have ever imagined. She’s taught me a lot about myself along the way. I certainly feel like motherhood is just the start of something fresh and exciting. 

They say it takes a village, why is it important for you to have a community to help you raise your family?

I still say this all the time. Especially living in London. Women simply weren’t meant to sit alone in their city flats raising children. You soon gravitate towards other mums with children the same age or I found with older children, so I could take their tips. 

Tell us a bit about your career?

I’m a freelance British model and have lived in London for 11 years. I’m represented internationally and hoping to spend some time in New Zealand at the end of the year.

How did becoming a mother make you feel empowered in your body, especially as a model?

I couldn’t believe what I was capable of. Any hang ups I had before that completely disappeared. I owe my life to this body because it gave me a healthy baby girl.

How have other women empowered you and helped you succeed in your career?

I have a solid work ethic, maybe too much at times, but it’s helped me achieve more than I could have imagined and I’m proud of that.

A group of mothers and their children dressed in Accessorize accessories

What career advice would you share with other women?

If a new opportunity arises, say yes even if it’s out of your comfort zone. I’m extremely optimistic in the sense that even if the outcome is bad, I think there’s something to be learnt from it. 

What advice about self-love and confidence do you wish to pass on to your daughter?

She’ll know that it’s important and it needs to be prioritised as no one else can do it for you. I want her to see the way I do it for myself and it will be openly spoken about in our household.

Living an on-the-go life with kids, how do you refresh everyone’s outfits with accessories?

Definitely hair accessories or earrings. Both are easy to add to outfits and great for transitioning an outfit from day to night.


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A Mother’s Musings: Michelle Kennedy

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we spoke to three inspiring women about motherhood, their careers and their top styling tips, of course.

Michelle Kennedy is a mother of two, Nuala (7 months) and Finlay (6) and the founder and CEO of Peanut, a social network created to connect like-minded women across fertility and motherhood. 

Michelle, what does motherhood mean to you?

Selflessness – I never truly understood what that meant until I became a mother. It’s an all consuming kind of love where you experience their pain more sharply than your own. 

It’s also a huge responsibility, not just from a practical point of view, but sharing lessons and teaching values. Trying to raise two little people who want to make the world a better place, who feel like they can change the world.

What is the best advice your mother ever gave you?

Don’t pluck your eyebrows! Which of course I ignored and now regret! That and the idea I could do anything. “There is nothing you can’t do”.

What’s the most important lesson you want your children to learn?

Your work ethic is everything! Both of my parents were incredibly hard working and it’s something I’ve always had too. I want them to understand that working hard is how you get that sense of achievement, how you build things and how you make changes.

Society puts a lot of pressure on mothers, and women, to ‘have it all’ as a mother and CEO? How do you manage this challenging idea?

There is no ‘all’. Sometimes I’m a brilliant CEO, sometimes I’m a brilliant mother, sometimes I’m the best wife. Rarely (read never) does that happen on the same day at the same time. And that’s OK! If I pretend to ‘have it all’ what message does that send to the women who work for me (and the men for that matter), to the women who use Peanut, to my son and daughter? 

Tell us a bit about your career?

I started life as a corporate lawyer, moved into the dating industry (where I was Deputy CEO of Badoo, and founding member of female focused dating app Bumble), and then went on to found my own company, Peanut.

How have other women empowered you and helped you succeed in your career?

I was always taught that you pull another woman up the ladder once you get up, [I believe] it’s my job to pay it forward. From hiring to building products for women, I’ve always had that grounding and I believe it.

A group of mothers and their children dressed in Accessorize accessories

Pictured: Introducing the mothers behind our Hey Mama campaign. (Left to right) Katie Impey, Michelle Kennedy & Portia Prince and their children.


What career advice would you share with other women?

Use whatever your point of difference is to your advantage. Disarm people. Be exactly what they expect you not to be.

Why was it so important for you to create a meaningful community where women can unite?

For the longest time we haven’t had it! Simple as that. We need a safe space, to connect, to discuss issues which are deeply personal, private, without fear of targeted ads, or judgement. 

Living an on-the-go life with kids, how do you refresh your outfits with accessories?

Accessories are everything. You can scoop your hair up in a clip and add a new bag and you’ve already changed your outfit. It effectively makes your wardrobe capsule without you realising!

Accessories are the finishing touch that make an outfit, what is your top style advice to pass on to your kids?

A beautiful earring and something elegant on your wrist finishes your outfit, whatever the occasion. Oh, and keep a change of jewellery in your handbag!


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Mane Attraction: Styling The Perfect Bun

picture of a low bun with sparkly hair clips

A bad hair day can well and truly make or break a day (and night) especially if it’s a special occasion! So, how do you style the perfect bun? We’ve got you covered with a easy to recreate hair tutorial – complete with our pick of stunning accessories, of course. 

We ventured to Duck and Dry’s Soho salon to create some hair tutorials to inspire your next look. Next up, the perfect bun!



2 pictures of a bun. Left is a stylist creating a bun second is the bun with a black scrunchie on ii

Prep your hair with a gentle backcomb and then brush through hair to smooth it – you’re after a little more volume than normal, but not hair from an 80’s music video!  Pull hair loosely into a a bun at the back of your head – not to low and not too high.  Adjust hair to give an undone, everyday look and smooth the roots – hairspray is a handy friend here! 


Pop the Organza Scrunchie on for a 90’s throwback – Spice Girls tunes are optional (Baby Spice would have adored this scrunchie!)


a picture of two buns, left is a stylist putting scrunchies on a bun, second is a picture of a bun with scrunchies stacked on it

If you want to really embrace the scrunchies, layer up our spotty scrunchies for a very on-trend look. 




picture of two low buns. Left a stylist doing the hair, right the final low bun with sparkly hair clips

For a more dressed up look, create a low bun at the nape of your neck. Finish with the sparkly snap clips!


Feeling inspired? Watch the full tutorial here.


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Style An Embellished Braid

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How to Master the Layered Necklace Look

This season when it comes to our necklace collection, we are all about the layered look. It’s an art form showcased by cool girls and street style mavens who are rocking the more is more look, with on-trend gold chains, statement shells and beaded beauties.

Read on to master the layered necklace look and give yourself an excuse to by another necklace (or three). 

Play with length

The best way to A) create an oh-so-cool look and B) not get your necklaces completely tangled is knowing the lengths of your necklaces. The perfect recipe is a choker, a mid-length and a long chain, then you can play around from there. Our go-tos? The Snake Chain Choker, Gold-Plated Constellation Pendant, and the Long Opal Rope Necklace

Hint: If you need make something longer or want all your chains connected, shop our handy jewellery solutions kit

All shapes and sizes

Mix and match your chains for an effortlessly cool look. Think a chunky chain paired with something dainty like the Paperclip Chain Necklace or the Opal Starburst Pendant

Find the perfect key piece

The perfect way to start your look, or work of art, is to find a statement piece that everything else can sit above or below. An on-trend coin necklace makes for the perfect starting point, like our Zodiac Coin Charm Necklace. 

Add some flair to your look with on-trend pearls or shells. Our Silver Freshwater Pearl Pendant and Shell Necklace are perfect additions to your stack. Make your look night time ready with the Sparkle Tennis Necklace!


If in Doubt…

You can also shop our ready-stacked looks. These can be worn alone, or with one of your fave chains or pendants. Our Multi Chain Star Charm Necklace and Z by Accessorize Set of Chain Necklaces are perfect! Remember, more is more!


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The Ultimate Valentine’s Gift List

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to share the love, whether that’s with your girls, a special someone, or yourself! 

Because we care, here are our top gift ideas this Valentines for everyone in your life, whether they’re the fitness influence you love to hate, the earth lover helping you make conscious choices or that person who is always up for a night in!

Plus, if your special someone is a little bit … slow on picking up the hints, just send this to them and act surprised on the 14th!

Explore the Valentine’s Collection.

Happy V-Day, lovers.

For the travel lover

Always the first person to send you cheap flight deals, the self-proclaimed tour leader of the group and the person who makes you jealous with their #TravelGoals Instagram feed. These gifts are for them. 

Shop Travel

For the fitness lover 

The person who believes the gym isn’t just for January, they’re always in the know about the latest fitness trend – goat yoga? They’ve tried that. These are the gifts for them.

Shop Active

For the earth lover

The person who makes considered choices, who was vegan before it was cool and can tell you the best vegan treats that taste amazing. These gifts are for them. 

Shop Vegan

For the lover of all things sparkly

The person whose eyes widen at the sight of something glistening (in other words, the human version of a magpie). For them, a little sparkle is never enough. These gifts are for them.

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For the lover of self-love

The person whose cupboard is always stacked with facemasks, who will remind you to take time for yourself and is always up for a night in with movies and snacks. These gifts are for them.

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We’ve had a makeover, fancy a sneak peek?

Our Accessorize stores in Fulham and Southampton have had a makeover and (if we don’t say so ourselves) they’re looking pretty fancy!

What’s New?

Think of our new stores like a ‘modern bazaar’ – an inspiring place to explore, full of things we know you’ll love. 

It’s a new look and feel designed by our savvy-shopper team who have created a space to make your shopping experience with us even better.

It’s a more modern and fresh look and feel, think: brass, marble and stone. In other words #InteriorGoals. 

Sip & Style

To keep the excitement high now that our Grand Opening Weekends are over, we’ll be running Sip & Style evenings in both Fulham and Southampton, weekly from Thurs 20th Feb. Pop in store 4-7pm on your way home from work for prosecco (do you see a theme emerging here?) and product-focused styling sessions! 

Store locator: https://uk.accessorize.com/view/content/store-finder

Store Stylists

Not only are the new stores a dream to visit, but you can also get quality advice from our store staff who are qualified Stylists, trained by the London College of Style. 

Our unique training programme means our team know the coolest products and the trends you have to shop now; say hello to Spring/Summer micro bags and stacked jewellery! They can also make sure you pick the right colours for your skin tone, the perfect gift for your Mum (Mother’s Day is 22nd March, everyone!) or the ideal slides to stack in long locks.


Discover the new season essentials you’ll also find in store.


How to wear this season’s hottest trend: Sports Luxe

With the trend for rising wellness aspirations it’s no surprise Sports Luxe has taken off for SS20. An excuse to be effortlessly cool and comfortable all day, every day? Sign us up.

Over-sized shapes, balloon sleeves, drawstring detailing and spliced colour blocking were all seen on the SS20 ready-to-wear catwalks. In accessories we saw quilting, grab bags, webbing straps, backpacks and metallics.

This season, embrace all things comfortable, practical, and oh-so-cool. What Accessorize pieces will help you raise your fashion game?


Bring your A-game with blush pinks and soft neutrals on modern shapes. Contrast zips, multi pockets and quilted panels will score you sporty style points. Why not try box-fresh sneakers paired with fun varsity socks. Whether you pair it with a summer dress or your fave pair of jeans, it’s a winning look. Don’t forget the accessories, like our metallic gym wash bag, lightweight baseball cap and blush nylon backpack.


For an every day take on Sports Luxe, it’s all about combining quilting, borg, toweling, high-shine and nylon all in one look. Keep your colour palette tight and let the texture do the talking. Try accessories like our new season teddy fur scrunchie, Claudia metallic leather bag and quilted EVERYTHING!

Our Top Sport Luxe Picks


Get more inspo from our Sports Luxe Pinterest board

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The Best Beach Looks For Your Next Getaway

Let’s be honest, one of the most exciting parts of any holiday is the shopping you do to get your wardrobe paradise-perfect.

Whether you’re off for a tropical getaway, taking a festival-inspired escape or simply looking to travel in first-class style, we’ve done a little planning for you (you’re welcome!)


There’s something about a bold and colourful print that gets you in the holiday spirit – think your dad’s Hawaiian shirt, but cooler. The Palm Print Dress is oh-so-cool and will take you from the pool to cocktails at sunset (don’t forget the matching Palm Print Fan!) Pair with bright accessories and a Shell Embellished Basket


There’s something about matching your accessories to your swimsuit that gives us serious chic vibes (also a little ’90s Clueless!) Fully embrace this Cher Horowitz look with the Bardot Pure Cotton Dress, perfect to take your look from brunch to the pool. Pair with the Macrame Pouch Bag and Rebecca Round Sunglasses for a cool – and practical – look! 


Embrace those celebs who turn up to their destination looking effortlessly cool with the Cotton Beach Trousers – comfy and beach-ready. The best way to travel is to be organised – while looking good – so pop everything in the Quilted Suitcase and keep your lotions and potions together in the Clear Cosmetic Bags


Think pattern clashing, more-is-more jewellery bold style -festival cool is taking over all year long. Pair the Striped Jumpsuit with the Eclectic Drop Earrings. Don’t forget your festival must-have Straw Panama Hat and on-trend Animal Print Bikini

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Making a Difference With The Monsoon Accessorize Trust This World Education Day

Since 1994, the Monsoon Accessorize Trust has been supporting projects that impact the most disadvantaged and vulnerable women and children around the world.

This World Education Day we’re shining the spotlight on our charity projects that are improving the lives of children and their families in slums near Delhi, who have no choice but to live and work on rubbish dumps.

The ‘rag-picking’ children support themselves and their families by rummaging through rubbish on the dumps in order to salvage scraps of cloth, paper and glass that can then be sold.  Many of them have younger siblings to look after, even though they are only children themselves.


In association with Christian Aid and Phia Foundation, the Trust works to support these children through education, health and hygiene programmes. Through the charities, parents are encouraged to allow their children to visit bridge schools, where they are taught basic life skills and hygiene. The aim is to prepare these children for a more traditional education. This bespoke education scheme allows children and their families a better, brighter future. 


Last year, Phia Foundation and Monsoon Accessorize Trust organised an educational visit to Ambedkar National Memorial. This trip taught children about the Indian constitutional value and the importance for every citizen of India, giving them a sense of belonging and an understanding of in Indian history. 


These sisters were both out of school and living in tough conditions. Once their parents agreed to send them to Phia’s education centre, the girls regained their confidence and self-belief and received a basic level of education and life skills. 

Due to the continuous education programme, they are now both doing well in the formal educational system. 


The youngest of six, Sonam is known as an introverted, sincere child. Three of her siblings were married at a young age due to dowry customs, while herself and the rest of her siblings work within the rag-picking colony in Bhowapur. 

Sonam regularly attended remedial classes at Jungu Education centre, run by Phia Foundation. Here she not only received basic support on health and education but also guidance on the school syllabus and other curricular activities. Due to her persistence and passion for learning, she was then admitted into the formal school system where she scored 91% in her annual exams. 


Read more about the Trust’s work.

Mane Attraction: Styling Beautiful Bridal Hair

A bad hair day can well and truly make or break a day (and night) especially if it’s a special occasion! So, we’ve taken some classic hair styles and given then a makeover – complete with stunning accessories, of course. 

We ventured to Duck and Dry’s Soho salon to create some hair tutorials to inspire your next look. Next up, a fanciful bridal-inspired look for a special occasion. 



Start the look by creating tousled waves with a curling tong. Take two sections from each side of the head and twirl toward the back of the head, pinning securely to create a half up style.

Add our Pearl Barrette Clip for a dressed up look.




For an undone bridal chignon, keep the half up and twist remaining hair at nape of the neck. Once all hair is in a twist, begin to coil it in a bun shape, securing with hidden bobby pins. Make it special (and hold in place) with our freshwater pearl pins.


Add some extra sparkle with the Starburst Headband (coming soon). 


Feeling inspired? Watch the full video here.