Accessorize COVID-19 Announcements

The Accessorize COVID-19 announcements

Hey Accessorizers,

After the government’s latest announcement, we have some updates on our store openings. 


Tiers 1-3 we’re open as normal

Tier 4 we’re closed until further government updates


We’re closed until further government updates


We’re closed from Christmas Eve until further government updates

Northern Ireland

We’re closed from Christmas Eve until further government updates


We’re open as normal


Don’t worry, it’ll be a brief farewell and we will see you all again soon. 

If you have a click and collect order, we’ll hold it for 10 days after reopening.  

Our refund policy has been extended for the festive season, so all valid returns have until 24th January 2021, online & in store
Click here for more information on refunds & orders.  

Good news is we’re always open at and have everything you need for above the keyboard sparkle and new normal accessories 


Be kind to yourself and others, 

Team Accessorize x 


Above the Keyboard sparkle for your next zoom meeting

Activewear for a workout (or high-intensity Netflix binge)

Essentials for your new every day (including the coolest face masks you’ve seen!)

A cycle bag for your two-wheeled commute

Good vibes from our healing stone range 



Sending Support to India and our Artisan Partners 

We’re doing all we can to offer support to India, who are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.

Monsoon and Accessorize will be donating 10% of all online sales on Saturday 8th May to British Asian Trust’s emergency appeal, Oxygen for India, who are raising money to purchase emergency oxygen to support immense national demand.

It is heart-breaking to see what is happening in a country that is the soul of our brands and we want to support as much as we can. Over the past four decades our brands have built a unique bond with communities in India, it is where our brands were born. Today, it continues to be where many of our products are crafted by our artisans.  

For more information on the British Asian Trust or to make a personal donation and show your support to India, click here.   


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Our Role Models: Naomi Walkland

Naomi Walkland is a Marketing Director at Bumble, the popular women-first dating and networking app. She currently leads the strategy across Europe, Middle East and Africa, managing teams and strategies to grow Bumble’s community and empower more women to make the first move.

What does IWD mean to you?

At Bumble, we truly believe that every day is International Women’s Day and that we need to work to empower women not only once a year but in everything they do. Bumble encourages  women to take control of their dating lives by helping them to make the first move, set the tone for conversations and ultimately create more meaningful connections.

Features such as our photo verification for profiles, a ban on unsolicited lewd images and most recently a ban on body shaming ensures that we create a safe, empowering environment for women to date. This comes from a place of wanting to challenge the status quo and the traditions that tell us what relationships are supposed to look like and how women are meant to behave. I really resonate with that idea and women choosing what success looks like for them in life, in work and in love.

Tell us what it’s like being a woman within the tech industry? And what challenges have you faced? 

I studied Social Anthropology and don’t have a ‘typical’ marketing or tech background. I didn’t actually set out working in tech, but found very quickly that the clients that I liked the most were tech profiles so I started seeking them out. I love the pace of working in tech brands, it’s innovative and you have to identify and adapt quickly to behaviours that you’re seeing amongst your community.

This pace is definitely not for everyone but there is also amazing opportunity in how quickly brands like Bumble can adapt. Even think about the last year, and how drastically lockdown restrictions changed the way that people are dating and how people were connecting with each other. We’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand and help our community navigate this new world of dating. This includes learning how to use our in-app video, voice and audio note features to add to your virtual dating or introducing new features to help people easily communicate how they are comfortable meeting: virtual only, socially-distanced, or socially-distanced with masks. It’s exactly these kinds of quick responses that make roles in tech exciting and really rewarding.

Why is it important to celebrate other women’s achievements? 

I think it’s important to celebrate and mark everything – not just the successes and achievements but also the challenges and the failures. My mother taught me the importance of celebrating other women from a very young age, and it’s something I feel very passionately about, but it’s equally valuable to recognise the small wins.

We’re continuously conducting research into behaviours and feelings to gain a deeper understanding of